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What Are the Best Bed Sheets?

Best bed sheets
Feel fabulous in these sheets.

Cotton percale? Sateen? Silk? Bedsheets are the most important thing in the world,” muses Bunny Williams, who has been decorating Upper East Side apartments and Connecticut country homes for over 30 years. Because if you’re going to spend one-third of your life between the sheets, shouldn’t they feel fabulous? Here, Williams, along with some other very particular New York tastemakers — Sheila Bridges, Kai Avent-deLeon, and Aelfie Oudghiri — tells us the best bed sheets to buy. (We also went and found the best-reviewed bed sheets on Amazon, if you’re interested.)

Matouk Meridian Sheets
From $88 at Bloomingdale’s

“The go-to sheets I choose for the majority of my projects. Clients love them for their comfort and accessibility, while I love their simple designs. There’s something uniquely versatile about them — it’s sophisticated enough for city life, but even in a country home it works perfectly against a more rustic backdrop. I never second-guess these sheets; more often than not they work for the interior I’m working on.” - Vicente Wolf, Designer

Pure Beech 100 Percent Modal Sateen Sheets
From $80 at Bed Bath & Beyond

“I have them on my bed right now and they are my softest sheets by far. They almost feel like flannel, but very lightweight, so they’re not as warm — just really soft and comfortable to the touch. Even though I have 20 other pairs of sheets folded in my laundry closet, I’ll take these off the bed, wash them, and put them back on.” - Sheila Bridges, founder of Sheila Bridges Design

Aerin 500TC Flat Sheet with Scallop Trim
$480 at Neiman Marcus

“The ultimate crispness. For me, the perfect bed is a heavy duvet, a cashmere blanket, lots of pillows, and these cotton-percale white sheets. I think the scalloped edges have such a lovely shape to them and are so luxurious.” - Amanda Ross, Designer

Matouk Scallops Bedding
$259 at Neiman Marcus

“My favorite sheets are Matouk, mostly because everything’s customizable, from the color of the threading to the monogram and the ruffles, but there’s this one embroidery that I keep coming back to. It’s this very Hollywood Regency scallop-shell pattern that’s kind of Miami-influenced too. It’s very 1940s, 1950s glam with the seashells and the scalloped edge, and I love it.” - Sasha Bikoff, founder of Sasha Bikoff New York

Sferra New Resort Sheet
$109 at Neiman Marcus

“It’s not the world’s highest thread count, but the Egyptian cotton on these sheets has this really tight weave that makes such a difference on your skin. The sheets have this handsome pair of satin borders you can get in different colors, too. It’s a brand built on practical creativity and affordable luxury.” - Becky Shea, Designer, Homepolish

BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets
$162 at Amazon

“I recently used bamboo linens for a large project and I will definitely be using them more going forward. The company is BedVoyage and the quality of the product is excellent, the feel is amazing. Bamboo is one of the strongest and hardest natural materials, and yet when you feel the fibers on these sheets it’s just incredibly soft. Softer than you’d imagine. Super-soft. Like, baby soft on your skin. Also, it’s extremely durable — it generally lasts about two times longer than cotton sheets — and it’s easy to clean. It’s usually more expensive, but overall quality and durability makes this the hands-down winner.” - Anishka Clarke, co-owner of Ishka Designs

Kumi Basics Pillowcases, Vanilla
From $95 at One King’s Lane

“I have this habit now that I like to sleep with a silk pillowcase. You don’t end up with as many pillow creases, it’s gentler on your skin, and your hair isn’t as frizzy when you wake up. Most of the silk pillowcases out there are really tacky, but I found a brand called Kumi Kookoon. They have this range of incredible colors. I use a really deep indigo-navy and it’s a dream to sleep on. They’re so soft and I really notice the difference when I wake up. My hair is not as crazy bedhead in the morning and my skin feels better.” - Zoe Mac, founder of Zoe Mac Design

Frette Hotel Classic Sheet Set
From $425 at Bloomingdale’s

“My absolute favorite sheets are the hotel classic from Frette, which are kind of like the fantasy version of Upper East Side hotel bed linens. They’re Italian-made in this Egyptian cotton that’s just the softest and butteriest fabric to laze around in. I love the chic and simple double-line embroidery, too.” - Michael Shome, Director of Photography, Architectural Digest

Snowe Sheet Set
From $188 at Snowe

“I really liked Snowe’s dinnerware, so I started using their sheets, too, and I’ve found that they’re really good quality and decently priced. As I got older I realized the importance of having quality sheets, and with these I finally feel like an adult. They’re cotton, which is the only material I buy now, and they’re really soft, kind of plush. They’re breathable and low-maintenance, so I don’t have to constantly clean them even though I buy an off-white color.” - Kai Avent-deLeon, owner of Sincerely, Tommy

Pratesi Orbite Sheets
$450 at Bloomingdales

“For the breadth of their pattern options, I always go back to Pratesi — there’s a certain level of craftsmanship and luxury to the brand. You can feel how breathable the cotton percale is, and the embroidered patterns add just the chicest unexpected touch. I think Andy Warhol’s favorite sheets were Pratesi, too. I get a huge kick out of that.” - Patrick Mele, Designer

Aelfie Bedding
From $119 at Fab

“I only buy my own bedding and I like block-printed Indian sheets. India is famous for its cotton because it’s been exporting cotton for, like, millennia and creates the most cotton in the world. Sure, people talk about Egyptian cotton, but Indian cotton is better. When you get a lot of the really soft bedding like jersey it’s because they’re going through these chemical processes where it’s washed a million times so it’s really fucking wasteful. I like my bedding to soften over time and grow with me.” - Aelfie Oudghiri, founder of home goods label Aelfie

This Aelfie pattern is no longer available, but here is another option with doodled, lime hued characters.

Julia B. Linens
Price upon request at Julia B.

“Bedsheets are the most important thing in the whole world. You spend a third of your life in bed, so good sheets should be like buying a couture dress — they’re worth the investment. I happen to like really fine cotton percale; it launders beautifully, it’s cool. Other cottons aren’t as cool and I just don’t like satin sheets. I happen to love Julia B linens. It’s really high-end 800-count cotton percale. She does couture linens with beautiful monograms and embroidery all done by hand. It’s absolutely beautiful.” - Bunny Williams, founder of Bunny Williams Home

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What Are the Best Bed Sheets?