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2014 World Cup

  1. dong watch
    Here’s Something for Your World Cup Man WithdrawalAnd you thought Mario Göetze was known for scoring the winning goal. 
  2. look of the day
    Rihanna Had the Most Fun at the World Cup She wore a neck tattoo and flashed the audience.
  3. GIF Recap: Germany Wins the World Cup in Extra TimeArgentina weeps. 
  4. A World Cup Final Primer for the Vaguely InterestedGermany and Argentina square off.
  5. GIF Recap: The Netherlands Ends Brazil’s Nightmare World CupAt least it wasn’t as bad as the last game.
  6. World Cup Glossary: Useful Phrases for the Temporary FanYell these things during Sunday’s game. 
  7. balls
    Which World Cup Player Inspires So Much Fan-Fic?Manuel Neuer is World Cup erotica’s main muse.
  8. Marina Abramovic Made a World Cup Film for AdidasThe art world is kinda freaking out about it.
  9. soccer models
    Want to Be a L’Oréal Model? Become a Soccer Fan.One lucky Belgian soccer fan was plucked out of the stands.
  10. Argentina Midfielder: ‘I Tore My Anus’Who says soccer players aren’t tough?
  11. GIF Recap: Argentina Advances to World Cup Final With Shoot-out VictoryThe finals are Sunday afternoon.
  12. GIF Recap: Germany Stuns Brazil 7–1 to Advance to the World Cup FinalThe second semifinal is tomorrow.
  13. sky's out thighs out
    The Men of the World Cup Wear Shorty-ShortsShow me some leg, Gam-pa.
  14. Can Tourette’s Help Explain Tim Howard’s Superpowers?Celebrate National Tim Howard Appreciation Day with Science of Us.
  15. Photos: Reaction Shots of U.S. and Belgium Fans Watching Today’s MatchOn the scene in DUMBO and at BXL Zoute.
  16. GIF Recap: The U.S. Is Out of the World Cup, Despite Tim Howard’s HeroicsBelgium advances to the quarterfinals.
  17. When ‘I Believe’ BackfiresPositive thinking doesn’t always net positive results.
  18. Today’s U.S.-Belgium World Cup Match: A Primer for the Vaguely InterestedThe Americans can’t lose and advance this time.
  19. The United States Will Play Belgium on TuesdayStart practicing your “I need to leave work early” cough now.
  20. booty clap
    Here’s the U.S. Soccer Team Wiggling Their ButtsA beautiful tush-wiggle for you.
  21. Photos: Reaction Shots of U.S. and German FansOn the scene at Zum Schneider and Nike’s “Hall of Phenomenal” pop-up.
  22. GIF Recap: The U.S. Loses to Germany, Advances AnywayCouldn’t sneak out of work? We’ve got you covered.
  23. Luis Suárez Suspended for 4 Months for Biting a Guy at World CupIt’s the third time he’s been suspended for biting an opponent.
  24. Everything You Need to Know About Today’s U.S.-Germany World Cup GameThe U.S. can advance to the knockout stage with a win, a draw, and maybe even a loss.
  25. Uruguay Defends Luis Suárez’s Latest Bite As the World Calls for PunishmentHe could face up to a two-year ban. 
  26. hook ups
    The World Cup Is Getting People Laid Another reason to become a fútbol fan.
  27. Greece Advances in the World Cup on a Stoppage-Time Penalty-Kick GoalIt’s their first trip to the knockout round.
  28. See Uruguay’s Luis Suárez Bite an Opponent at the World CupHe’s a serial biter.
  29. male gaze
    World Cup Players: Still Touching Each OtherThe agony, the ecstasy, and the man-handling.
  30. U.S. and Portugal Fans React to Yesterday’s DrawOn the scene with U.S. fans at Lonestar Bar and Grill and Portugal fans at Pao.
  31. World Cup GIF Recap: The United States’ Devastating Draw With PortugalHeads hang across America. 
  32. Tim Cahill Scored the World Cup’s Best Goal So FarWe have the GIFs to prove it. 
  33. sex laws
    Which Teams Can Have Sex During the World Cup?A lot of players are sexually frustrated.
  34. GIF Recap: The United States’ Thrilling World Cup Win Over GhanaRe-live the Americans’ 2-1 victory in their World Cup opener.
  35. Hot Shot: Croatian World Cup Team Bonds Naked in Hot TubAs you do.
  36. the winner's circle
    The World Cup Trophy Will Be Encased in Louis VuittonAnd presented by Gisele.
  37. A World Cup Guide for the Vaguely InterestedWhat you need to know from the best “what you need to know” pieces. 
  38. 2014 world cup
    20 Hot Soccer Guys With Long HairWhat’s sexier than a man without sweaty bangs in his eyes?
  39. kimye
    Kanye’s Latest Track Takes Him to ‘God Level’Just in time for the wedding.
  40. male gaze
    Male Gaze: David Beckham, Exploring the AmazonHe will star in a BBC documentary about Brazil.