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That Time Bill Clinton Went to the ‘30 Rock’ Set Just to Hang

"The thing about 30 Rock too is that there is such an element of high-profile guest stars and just people around. Like the day that they shot the scenes in that wedding, Bill Clinton was just there, and not on camera -- just hanging out. So he [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Maulik Pancholy Is Leaving ‘Whitney’ and Returning to ‘30 Rock’

Didn't Jack's office and schedule feel poorly managed last season? Well, Jonathan, with his sister still out of North Korean jail, is coming back to set things straight. On Whitney last season he played Neal, a character who started the series [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Kay Cannon Gets Pilot Offer from Fox

A few months back, we told you that former 30 Rock writer Kay Cannon was leaving the show because of an overall deal she signed with 20th Century Fox that would have her work on The New Girl and allow her to work on her own stuff. Well, Kay [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Watch Tracy Morgan Get His Ninth Exotic Fish Tank

Last week, Tracy Morgan told David Letterman about his shark tank and the photo alone seemed completely nuts. Of course, because it's Tracy, somehow the thing is even more ridiculous. Below, see the big reveal and watch Tracy teach one of these [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Robert Carlock Discusses Landing the ‘30 Rock’ Plane

30 Rock was still 30 Rock last year but just with a little bit more heart. Heading into its final season, showrunner Robert Carlock told Entertainment Weekly he's excited to reach some sort of fulfilling conclusion for Liz.

By Jesse David Fox