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30 Rock Recap: The Queen of Jordan Returns

Last week, we got 30 Rock’s second live episode. This time around, it’s the show’s second episode set entirely inside a reality show.

By Izzy Grinspan

How ‘30 Rock’ Cut the Kraft Cheese Product Placement Deal

"It’s the Kraft Product Placement Comedy Hour. Sponsored by Kraft Singles. Made with Milk. It's the cheese that won World War II (Don't ask how)." That's some pretty sweet, overt product placement action right there and Kraft didn't need to [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Ok, 10 words: The Cast of 30 Rock Played Charades with Jimmy Fallon

Have you ever played charades? Isn’t it fine? It usually peaks at whenever someone yells out "Baby Fishmouth" and yet goes on for like 45 minutes more. Watching professional funny people play charades is a different story, however, as it is the [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Donald Glover Talks About His History of Pretending to be Tracy Morgan

Thursday is 30 Rock's second annual (maybe?) live show and the most talked about part is that Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino aka Chilly Gam Gam aka Dish of Gumbo is going to be playing young Tracy Jordan. In the above interview, we learn [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Baldwin Will Stay on 30 Rock Until the End, Which Might Be Soon

Alec Baldwin tweeted last week that he was "leaving NBC just in time," and people took that to mean he was telling the truth. Luckily, Twitter is not dogmatic text (...YET) and the comedy Gods prevailed. Baldwin told the press yesterday that [...]

By Jesse David Fox