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The Lost Roles of Tina Fey

After making the transition from one American comedy institution (Chicago's Second City Theatre) to another (Saturday Night Live), Tina Fey spent nearly a decade on SNL as a writer (and later a cast member) before creating a comedy powerhouse [...]

By Bradford Evans

Can Up All Night Hold its Own on Thursday Night?

Game on, indeed, Up All Night. Playtime's over, NBC's Thursday night comedies are back, and the rookie's stepping off the bench. Can Up All Night fit in with The Office, Parks and 30 Rock? Or will it be destined to go back to the minor leagues [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Emma Stone and Andy Samberg Will Ring In MLK Day on 30 Rock

Early in the upcoming 30 Rock season, Jenna Maroney will have a part in a movie called Martin Luther King Day with Emma Stone, Andy Samberg, and Nick Cannon. Sounds like the parody-of-holiday-movies-crammed-with-celebrities to end all [...]

By Hallie Cantor