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47 Percent

  1. Frank Rich: Surprise! Mitt As Robotic As ThoughtNote to GOP: Bartender photo-ops win elections.
  2. Bartender Felt ‘Obligation’ To Share ‘47 Percent’ Video With the WorldRomney should have been nicer to the help.
  3. The ‘47 Percent’ Videographer Will Finally Come Forward [Updated]I owed it to the people that couldn’t afford to be there themselves.”
  4. ‘47 Percent’ Video Earns Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Praise From Two PresidentsBut no high five from Obama.
  5. Republicans Now Find Romney’s ‘47 Percent’ Sentiments OffensiveIf only they’d realized the folly of “insulting voters” a few months ago.
  6. ‘47 Percent’ Host Had Another Election-Year Surprise A baby! (And a child support battle.)
  7. ‘47 Percent’ Fund-raiser Host Plans Romney EventSpecial guest: a very tight-lipped Paul Ryan.
  8. Joe Biden Drops the ‘47 Percent’ HammerIt was an epic diatribe.
  9. Romney Won’t Explain the Evolution of His ‘47 Percent’ DefenseHe’s still going with “just completely wrong.”
  10. Mitt Romney and Hugo Chávez Have Something in CommonThe 47 percent vs. the 45 percent.
  11. Romney Reveals New ‘47 Percent’ Defense He’d Prepared for the DebateNow the remarks were “just completely wrong.”
  12. Why Didn’t Obama Mention the ‘47 Percent’ Last Night?Was it because “he’s a gentleman,” or because it just “never came up”?
  13. The Curious Case of the ‘Obama Phone’ VideoLimbaugh: “These are the 47 percent.”
  14. Sensitive Mitt Romney Wants America to Forget About That Silly 47 Percent DissNow his “heart aches” for everyone who’s struggling.
  15. Regis Philbin Defends Romney’s ‘47 Percent’ RemarkAll of his remarks are being taken out of context.”
  16. Romney Denounces ‘Selectively Edited’ VideoTo be fair, he said the word “redistribution.”
  17. Paul Ryan: Romney Was ‘Obviously Inarticulate’ in VideoTo the point that he said the opposite of what he meant.
  18. Obama on Letterman: ‘47 Percent’ Don’t ‘Think They’re Victims’Things get serious on Letterman.
  19. Romney Remarks More Damaging Than Obama’sJohn Heilemann and Jonathan Chait weigh in.
  20. Mitt Romney Is Just Going to Pretend He Said Something Completely DifferentRomney went on Fox News this afternoon to discuss his “47 percent” remarks.