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Best Bet: Sun Saver

Beekman 1802's After-the-Sun soap soothes scorched skin with natural healing ingredients.

By Lauren Murrow

Best Bets: Trail Blazer

Madewell's Workwear Blazer is light enough for even the stickiest of days.

By Doria Santlofer

Best Bets: Bottle It

Upgrade your bathroom storage with vintage Italian apothecary jars.

Best Bet: Sweetie Thigh

The DVF Sweetheart Pant looks like a legging but fits and feels like a pant.

By Meredith Fisher

Best Bet: Chill Out

This glass chiller carafe from Sur La Table provides a portable alternative to lugging around an old-school cooler.

By Lauren Murrow

Best Bet: Map It Out

This double-sided tote features the East Coast on one side and the West Coast on the other.

By Doria Santlofer

Best Bet: Surf in the City

These washed-out photographs capture the essence of a breezy, beachy existence.

By Lauren Murrow

Best Bet: Frizz Free

We were skeptical about Lush's hair treatment de-fluffing our locks. But it actually worked.

By Amina Akhtar

Best Bet: Weather Girl

Since you can never tell when it's going to rain, we're scooping up this double-breasted trench by Steven Alan.

By Sharon Clott

Best Bets: Tote-ally

There are few things that scream summer more than a straw tote. Well, that and, of course, torrential rains.

By Meredith Fisher

Best Bet: At the Alter

Make a statement with Joe Ferucci's oversize plastic necklaces.

By Doria Santlofer

Best Bet: Chain Gang

This multicolored camisole easily goes from day to night, and the chain loops let you skip the jewelry.

By Amina Akhtar

Best Bet: Mirror Mirror

These Actress Mirrors allow you to see every little pore, mascara flake, and misplaced hair with the benefit of full light.

By Aja Mangum

Best Bet: Turn Up the Heat

This summer dress will show off your glowing tan and leave enough money leftover for you to actually go out.

By Lauren Salazar

Best Bet: Tank You

J.Crew has created the very aptly named perfect-fit tank.

By Meredith Fisher

Best Bet: Trail Blazer

This jacket is just slouchy enough to wear with anything.

By Sharon Clott

Best Bet: Get Stoned

The Stone Ring from the latest Jacobs by Marc Jacobs special collection has just landed in stores.

By Doria Santlofer

Best Bet: Inner Beauty

Functionalab offers a personalized vitamin-and-supplement plan for all your health and beauty needs (or whims).

By Aja Mangum

Best Bets: Nature Calls

The home-décor designer recently launched a new jewelry line.

By Diana Tsui

Best Bet: Sunday Best

Lounge by the pool, work out, and get a massage or facial, all in one package deal.

By Lauren Murrow