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Best Bet: At the Alter

Make a statement with Joe Ferucci's oversize plastic necklaces.

By Doria Santlofer

Best Bet: Chain Gang

This multicolored camisole easily goes from day to night, and the chain loops let you skip the jewelry.

By Amina Akhtar

Best Bet: Mirror Mirror

These Actress Mirrors allow you to see every little pore, mascara flake, and misplaced hair with the benefit of full light.

By Aja Mangum

Best Bet: Turn Up the Heat

This summer dress will show off your glowing tan and leave enough money leftover for you to actually go out.

By Lauren Salazar

Best Bet: Tank You

J.Crew has created the very aptly named perfect-fit tank.

By Meredith Fisher

Best Bet: Trail Blazer

This jacket is just slouchy enough to wear with anything.

By Sharon Clott

Best Bet: Get Stoned

The Stone Ring from the latest Jacobs by Marc Jacobs special collection has just landed in stores.

By Doria Santlofer

Best Bet: Inner Beauty

Functionalab offers a personalized vitamin-and-supplement plan for all your health and beauty needs (or whims).

By Aja Mangum

Best Bets: Nature Calls

The home-décor designer recently launched a new jewelry line.

By Diana Tsui

Best Bet: Sunday Best

Lounge by the pool, work out, and get a massage or facial, all in one package deal.

By Lauren Murrow

Best Bets: Chain Reaction

The new silver- and gold-plated necklaces at Sir are simple and understated enough to fit anyone's style.

By Doria Santlofer

Best Bets: Bronze Medal

This limited-edition bronzer gives you a healthy glow that doesn't look too disco.

By Aja Mangum

Best Bets: Off the Wall

Aimée Wilder's cushions are decidedly cooler than the embroidered throw pillows of your youth.

By Lauren Murrow

Best Bets: In Your Clutches

If the spring fashion shows proved anything, it was that clutches are the new must-have bag shape.

By Doria Santlofer

Best Bets: Just Bead It

The gladiator-sandal trend just won't end. And so we bring you some cute ones you'll happily add to your collection.

By Meredith Fisher

Bright Lips, Big City

YSL joins the eighties trends with its new Trésor D'Afrique 5 Colour Palette for the Lips.

By Aja Mangum

Best Bets: A Mixed Bag

Ecofriendly Canadian designer Erin Templeton creates a line of chic, affordable handbags from recycled leather.

By Lauren Murrow

Best Bets: Save Your Soles

The quest for a comfortable, stylish sandal just got easier thanks to British label F-Troupe.

By Doria Santlofer