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Mike Myers: Auteur

People weren’t quite sure what to make of Mike Myers’ (alleged) hosting gig as Tommy Maitland on the new Gong Show. Why the makeup? Why the backstory? “The novelty of Maitland’s presence on The Gong Show, however, becomes tired quickly,” wrote [...]

By Bethy Squires

Steve Carell Does Some Flawless Character Work

As a movie star, Stevie Cars doesn't really get to do big characters very often. He's just sad guy who's in love or sad guy who's a therapist or sad guy who's the manager of an office or sad guy at the end of the world. Conan wanted to show [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Andy Daly Talks the Art of the Character

"I’m a big fan of people who really commit to their characters and aren’t kind of winking out from behind them. I don’t think a new and different voice has to be a part of that, though. Just as long as you know the character and are really [...]

By Jesse David Fox