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Donald Glover Developing a Show for NBC

There are a lot of emotions flying around with this one. Donald Glover, who we all know from all his things, has been given a put pilot commitment by NBC for his own sitcom. The show would be co-executive produced by Matt "Hubba Hubba" Hubbard, [...]

By Jesse David Fox

‘Community’ Stars Will Be on ‘The Pyramid’ Because Why Not?

What is this foosball, because jeez, Yvette is so good at it? This is from the September 3 premiere of the Game Show Network's The Pyramid. Will Pudi be able to top her? Maybe he'll luck out and the category will be "Jamie Lee Curtis [...]

By Jesse David Fox

What Chevy Did and All the Best Parts from Dan Harmon’s AMA

Dan Harmon did a Reddit AMA yesterday and, of course, it was the best and nerdiest. He talked about what was the specific Chevy Chase straw that broke his camel back, meeting Charlie Kaufman and Mitch Hurwitz, and tons more. The best quotes are [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Dan Harmon Is Doing a Reddit AMA at 3:00pm

Depending on when you're reading this, Dan Harmon is either doing a Reddit AMA in a few minutes or right this second. Ask him about his multiple network pilot deals, the Charlie Kaufman stop-motion project, or, you know, what Alison Brie smells [...]

By Jesse David Fox