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  1. Craig Robinson and Jemaine Clement Sing About a Traumatic Experience“And I was like, Oh … shit!
  2. How Well Do Ghosted Stars Adam Scott and Craig Robinson Know Each Other?The comics quiz each other about hometowns, early gigs, and beverage preferences.
  3. casting couch
    Craig Robinson and Adam Scott’s ‘Comedic X-Files’ Series Green-lit at FoxThe Pontiac Bandit and Ben Wyatt strike again!
  4. Adam Scott and Craig Robinson to Star in ‘Ghosted’ Pilot at FoxAdam Scott and Craig Robinson are teaming up for a paranormal comedy pilot in the works at Fox. According to TV Line, Scott and Robinson will […]
  5. Craig Robinson Talks About His Caraoke ShowHow much car-based karaoke does the nation demand?
  6. the industry
    Caraoke Showdown Series Is Coming to Spike TVCash Cab meets karaoke!
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    Watch Craig Robinson’s Morris From America ClipHe tries to drop some knowledge on his son, with mixed results.
  8. trailer mix
    Anna Kendrick Is a Loser in Table 19 TrailerWritten by Mark and Jay Duplass.
  9. the industy
    Craig Robinson Joins Mr. Robot; Beep BoopHe’ll play a helpful neighborhood local.
  10. Spike Orders Game Show ‘Caraoke Showdown’ Hosted by Craig RobinsonSpike is looking to expand its huge success from Lip Sync Battle with a series that sounds a lot like James Corden’s popular Late Late Show […]
  11. Sundance Review: Morris From America Is LovelyCraig Robinson gives a subtle, tender lead performance.
  12. Celebrity Settings
    Samuel L. Jackson Discusses George Lucas Deal at Bristol Farms; Comedian CraigThe actor offers his opinions on George Lucas’s $4 billion deal.
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    NBC Buys Show from The Office’s Greg Daniels and Craig RobinsonA second spin-Office of sorts.
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    The Father of Invention Trailer: The Shamwow RedemptionKevin Spacey stars as a formerly incarcerated infomercial king.
  15. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Panettiere, BurtonPlus: NBC picks up CIA pilot from ‘24’ producer.
  16. See all the Emmy Red Carpet LooksEveryone who’s anyone, and anyone who’s dressed.
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    Elijah Wood Spotted at Delfina; Craig Robinson Throws Back a Few at Int’lElijah hit the Mission on Sunday and Craig Robinson was in North Beach on Saturday.
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    Late Night: Donald Glover on Tracy Morgan, BossPlus Letterman on the new iPhone, on our regular late-night roundup.
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    When to Cover Your Eyes in Hot Tub Time MachineOh yes, there will be vomit.
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    Hot Tub Time Machine’s Craig Robinson on His Favorite Hot-Tub Memory“I’m running, I’m hosting ‘Last Comic Standing.’ Who has time to sit down and watch television? Not to mention all these hos. Nah, just kidding. Should I answer something? That scene was amazing.”
  21. last night on late night
    Late Night: Craig Robinson, Middle School TeacherPlus the Roots improvise a U2 song, on our regular late-night roundup.
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    Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer Has Us Concerned That the Title Might Be the Best Thing About the FilmStill, there’s no denying it is a KILLER title.
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    Gary Busey, Serial Entourage TicklerPlus: Tom Waits declares his love for Denny’s.
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    Daniel Craig’s New House Ruined by GhostsPlus: Martin Lawrence is taking over your television.
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    Best Bet: Tank YouJ.Crew has created the very aptly named perfect-fit tank.
  26. Zac Posen Isn’t Impressed by Sex at the StandardIf you look on the Internet, it seems pretty obvious that a lot of people like to look at naked people fucking.”
  27. Marisa Noel Brown’s Jewelry Now Available At Henri BendelThose who have been Ponzi-schemed will be heartened to know that it is “affordable.”
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    Judd Apatow Could Probably Use a New MottoHe’s got more in common with Andy Samberg than we previously thought.
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    Calexico Will Open First Restaurant Next TuesdayPrepare for new items like shrimp and grits, sandwiches, and ribs.
  30. Bloomberg: Geese Not Dead, Only SleepingAnd they have nice dreams!
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    It Was an Honor Just for Ron Jeremy to Be in a Porno That Was in a Movie That Was NominatedPlus: Pete Doherty gets a wedgie.
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    Woody Allen Liked Slumdog Millionaire, TooPlus: Yep, ‘Melrose Place’ is back.
  33. First Awkward Racial Slip of the Day Goes to: Brian WilliamsCraig Robinson and Reggie Love both play basketball — maybe that’s why the NBC anchor got them confused?
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    ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’ Trailer: Kevin Smith Makes a Porny Apatow MovieThis new “red-band” trailer wastes no time taking advantage of its expanded freedom of speech.
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    Forest Whitaker to Lead ‘The Patriots’Plus: Guess who’s joining the cast of Zack and Miri Make a Porno?
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    Dragons in Dunder-Mifflin! Craig Robinson of ‘The Office’ Reveals how Chintzy the ‘Dragon Wars’ Shoot Really WasDaryl from the warehouse on the joys of budget movie-making.
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    ‘Dragon Wars’ Trailer: Like Michael Bay, But Cheaper!The store-brand salsa of action movies.