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  1. Study: Humans Have Made Most of the Planet’s Ecosystems ‘Unsafe’A new study in Science finds that humans have reduced the biodiversity of ecosystems to dangerous levels across 58 percent of the world’s land.
  2. Teen’s Face Plant Is Eighth Grade in 20 Seconds“This sounds kind of dumb, but now I really want to go on Ellen.” 
  3. Fail
    According to This Chinatown Bakery, Only Men Belong in the KitchenTotal fail.
  4. fail
    A Field Guide to Dwelling on Your FailuresMoving on as quickly as possible isn’t necessarily the best strategy.
  5. Fail
    Turns Out It’s Bad for Business When Customers Find Teeth in Their FoodTofu McNuggets don’t help matters.
  6. Fail
    The Great GoogaMooga Will Not Return to Prospect ParkBut the festival’s not dead yet.