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How Facebook Is Killing Comedy

A conversation with Funny or Die’s Matt Klinman on how Facebook has completely destroyed independent digital comedy.

By Sarah Aswell

Talking Improv, Marriage, Cats, and Musicals with Jeff Hiller

You know Jeff Hiller, or you recognize his face. His disapproving, glowering mug can be seen in every customer service position in every auteur sitcom of the past 15 years. Hiller has played a disapproving flight attendant on 30 Rock, a nude [...]

By Bethy Squires

Catching Up with Nicole Byer

Some of the most beloved, groundbreaking, and influential television comedy series have been tragically cut short before they even had the chance to reach their prime. The Ben Stiller Show, Strangers with Candy, and Freaks and Geeks all [...]

By Isaac Kozell

Getting ‘Physical’ with Matt Jones

For many people, Breaking Bad and The Office would be their favorite drama and favorite comedy of the 2000s. Few can say they worked on both shows, but one actor can claim the title of having appeared in the series finale for each show in 2013. [...]

By Kenneth Arthur

Jason Jones on ‘The Detour,’ Politics, and Making It in the States

In his show The Detour, Jason Jones plays the dad in a family that is constantly trying to evade capture from some authority or government organization each season, but in the process must go through all the normal problems of a marriage or [...]

By Kenneth Arthur

Tom Segura’s Steady Rise

Since he started doing comedy, Tom Segura has been on the slow climb to success through silliness. With Your Mom's House, the podcast he co-hosts with his wife/fellow comedian Christina P, Segura says the couple is simply “embracing silliness” [...]

By Isaac Kozell

Immediately My Thing: A Conversation with Paige Weldon

One of the best things about living in Los Angeles besides the weather and the crippling self-doubt is watching comics grow as comics, constantly out-producing their previous impressive efforts, and rightly reaping the accompanying accolades. [...]

By Jimmy Callaway

Derek Waters Continues to Top Himself with ‘Drunk History’

It’s hard to pinpoint where any good ideas come from. Sometimes it’s not so much the talent to think of something out of thin air, but the talent to recognize what’s interesting and entertaining about something that’s already happening to you, [...]

By Kenneth Arthur

Going Inside the TV Comedy Machine with Andy Richter

Andy Richter is professionally nice. He got his start playing sweetest dad in the game Mike Brady in The Real Live Brady Bunch and just got more convivial from there. From 1993-2007, and then from 2009 to today, Richter has been softening the [...]

By Bethy Squires