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Behind the Camera with Lawrence Sher

Comedy movie directors may not get as much credit as they deserve. Yes, there is Judd Apatow and Todd Phillips, but how many people could name the director of Tommy Boy (Peter Segal) or Wedding Crashers (David Dobkin) or Superbad (Greg [...]

By Kenneth Arthur

Talking Storytelling and Standup with Selena Coppock

It’s a great time to be a standup with both a killer persona and writing chops, and Selena Coppock knows a lot about both. The Massachusetts native currently lives in New York City and has spent years performing at standup and storytelling [...]

By Andy Hughes

Romesh Ranganathan Arrives in the States

Best known for his standup in the United Kingdom, Romesh Ranganathan was working as a high school math teacher before deciding to pursue his lifelong passion for comedy. Over the course of five years, Romesh went from performing pub gigs to [...]

By Sydney Parker

Russell Peters on Traveling, Standup, and ‘Indian Detective’

Russell Peters started doing standup in 1989 and he has built himself an incredible career in the three decades since, including sold-out international tours, several major televised specials, and regular mentions on Forbes for his annual [...]

By Kenneth Arthur

Catching Up with Jim Norton

Jim Norton's current act finds its focus in two areas: his personal failures and the failures of our country, both politically and socially. The Kneeling Room Only tour is in full swing, running through at least March, as Norton refines what [...]

By Isaac Kozell

All Are Welcome in the Church of Maria Bamford

2017 has been a bumper crop year for Maria Bamford. First she released Old Baby, her hilariously heartfelt hourlong Netflix special that not only packed an emotional punch but also pushed the envelope by toying with the structure of standup [...]

By Erik Abriss

Talking Standup with the Stars of HBO’s ‘All Def Comedy’

After the success of last year's All Def Comedy one-hour special, HBO ordered up a six-episode run of the All Def model, which premieres last Friday. The original Def Comedy Jam of the ‘90s shaped an entire generation of comics, including most [...]

By Isaac Kozell

Eden Sher on Growing Up on TV and Moving on from ‘The Middle’

Eden Sher has spent her entire adult life playing Sue Heck on The Middle. After stints on Weeds and the short-lived Sons & Daughters, Sher was cast in The Middle in 2009 when she was 17, and eight years later the show is nearing it’s series [...]

By Kenneth Arthur

Michelle Wolf’s Comedy Marathon

They say that nice guys finish last, but what about nice ladies? That's one of the many themes comedian and Daily Show writer/contributor Michelle Wolf explores in her new special Nice Lady, which premieres tomorrow night at 9:00pm on HBO. The [...]

By Isaac Kozell