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Fake Joaquins De Rigueur at Awards Shows

By the time Casey Affleck's silly mockumentary about Joaquin Phoenix's fake rap career finally gets released, how played out will the joke be? Probably pretty played out!

By Lane Brown

Hugh Jackman Swedes the Oscars

Hugh Jackman devoted the first ten minutes of last night's broadcast to one of 2008's worst films:

By Logan Hill

Four Presenters Too Many

Whose idea was it to have five people present last night's acting awards. Also, who is "Seymour Philip Hoffman"?

By Lane Brown

Anil Kapoor Wins the Slumdog Footrace

When 'Slumdog Millionaire' won Best Picture last night, did you notice which hilarious Bollywood egotist was the first one to the podium?

By Lane Brown

Hugh Jackman Saves the Oscars!

Can there be any doubt that tonight's clear highlight was Hugh Jackman's opening number? We say no!

By Lane Brown

David Edelstein on Oscar Outrage

"If, as expected, Kate Winslet takes home the prize for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, it will be an outrage and a scandal."

By Lane Brown