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Title of Lost Premiere Revealed by Paul Scheer

According to Paul Scheer, who is apparently paid to be a viral marketer for 'Lost,' the title of the two-part episode that opens next year's sixth season is "LA X."

By Lane Brown

For Sale: Crap From Lost

Would you like to buy Mr. Eko's club, a six pack of Dharma Initiative beer, or one of Sawyer's 'Playpen' magazines? Okay!

By Lane Brown

No Emmy for Locke

The ballot for Emmy nominations has been revealed — and Terry O'Quinn's not on it.

By Lane Brown

How Should Lost Bring Back Claire?

Carlton Cuse: "We're very excited to bring Claire back to the show and even more excited for people to experience just how she will return."

By Lane Brown

Lost: Destiny’s Child

Our heroes prepare for next week's finale, when they all (according to Richard) die.

By Emily Nussbaum