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Patton Oswalt to Guest Star on ‘Parks and Rec’

Patton Oswalt will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of Parks and Recreation, showrunner Mike Schur confirmed in a conference call today. "I think the news has broken - what the hell, right? Yeah, we wrote a part recently for an episode [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Andy Samberg and Mike Schur’s Cop Comedy Ordered to Pilot by Fox

The Fox network just ordered a pilot for a cop comedy starring Andy Samberg and created by Parks and Recreation co-creator Mike Schur and Parks writer/producer Dan Goor. Samberg signed on to the show last year, but now it's one step closer to [...]

By Bradford Evans

Michael Schur Says Goodbye to Kevin Youklis’s Play-Doh Face

"Kevin Youkilis is one of the most oddly shaped human beings in professional athletics. His torso is giant and cylindrical — he looks like a cartoon poor person wearing a barrel. He is completely bald - like, aggressively bald, like he hates [...]

By Jesse David Fox

‘I think coolness is kind of the death of good television.’

"I think coolness is kind of the death of good television. I think if you’re too concerned with being cool or hip or liked, you can’t really make good TV because sincerity and coolness are opposites. And when you have main characters in your [...]

By Adam Frucci