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ABC Cancels Nashville

The series had hopes for a fifth season with new showrunners, but those did not come to fruition.

By Jackson McHenry

Nashville Recap: You Mad?

Welcome to today’s edition of Characters We Don’t Care About Are Very, Very Angry!

By Max Weiss

Nashville Recap: On the Nose

We are in some sort of bizarro world, people, where Juliette is the seeker of safe spaces and Avery is the one causing drama.

By Max Weiss

Nashville Recap: Barnstorming

It's just not a real wedding until someone has a panic attack and someone else rage-vomits.

By Max Weiss

Nashville Recap: Put a Ring on It

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but I think we may have killed three randos with one stone on last night’s winter finale.

By Max Weiss

Nashville Recap: What About Bob?

Nashville is usually very good at killing off people we don’t really care about. But this one hurt.

By Max Weiss