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Justified Recap: Drew Lies

Apparently all you readers figured out who Drew Thompson was long before we did.

By Joe Reid

Smash Recap: The Baitz Motel

In last night's Smash, not very much happened, and what did was mostly logical. What is happening here?

By Rachel Shukert

Nashville Recap: Dog Days Are Here

Last night’s episode could’ve been called “Checking in With Little-Used Cast Mates Whose Contracts You Thought We Had Voided.”

By Max Weiss

Modern Family Recap: Banks Is Back

We’re past this season's two thirds mark and we're wondering if this is going anywhere, if there's an overarching thread.

By Zach Dionne

New Girl Recap: Equals

Nick and Schmidt throw an anniversary party for themselves. The tagline: “Ten years, two hearts, one home.”

By Izzy Grinspan