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Arrow Recap: No Judgment

If there ever was a time for Oliver to be judgmental, it’s probably now.

By Jenny Raftery

The Grinder Recap: It’s Ethan!

Dean being a lovable lunkhead is the basis of the show, but it seems to be at risk of letting him run away with it.

By Allie Pape

The Muppets Recap: Whoopsie Bin

Denise! We were all wondering when you’d show up! And you know what? You kind of made the show better.

By Jenny Jaffe

Scream Queens Recap: Phony Bologna

Finally, after all these weeks, the action is sagging. No one even died this week. No one we actually cared about, at least.

By Brian Moylan

Fargo Recap: Already Dead

It’s this simple: If you don’t like this episode, you just don’t like the show at all.

By Brian Tallerico