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‘John From Cincinnati’: Behold the Magic Bird!

The second episode of David Milch’s John From Cincinnati continues to announce the show's deep ambitions — and alienate plot-hungry 24 fans everywhere. Disregarding anything like suspense, John creates an eerie, foreboding air that's more like DeLillo’s “Airborne Toxic Event” from White Noise than 24's season-five threat.

The ‘Entourage’ Guilt/Pleasure Index: Back Already?

Hey, Entourage: Back so soon? Just two weeks after wrapping up season three, the show rushes back to fill the post-Sopranos vacuum. We rejoin the gang in the jungles of Colombia, where they and director/irritant extraordinaire Billy Walsh are finally, finally filming Medellin.

‘Hidden Palms’: The Mystery Deepens, Gets Grosser

We open this week with a particularly disturbing sequence having nothing to do with murder-mystery, but worth noting nonetheless. Johnny’s mom is making mango-nut waffles, which, first of all, mango nut? Huh?

‘So You Think You Can Dance’: You Call Those Choreographers?

Finally. The top twenty dancers have been announced, and tween girls and middle-aged gay men citywide breathe an excited sigh of relief. This season, which contestants end up on the chopping block tonight (and which must dance to survive) will have more to do with who got saddled with bad choreography than who’s got that extra something.