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The Muppets Recap: Whoopsie Bin

Denise! We were all wondering when you’d show up! And you know what? You kind of made the show better.

By Jenny Jaffe

Scream Queens Recap: Phony Bologna

Finally, after all these weeks, the action is sagging. No one even died this week. No one we actually cared about, at least.

By Brian Moylan

Fargo Recap: Already Dead

It’s this simple: If you don’t like this episode, you just don’t like the show at all.

By Brian Tallerico

The Walking Dead Recap: Everybody Turns

This episode serves as a lengthy counterargument to the Ricktatorship plan — an endorsement for peace over war, even in these darkest of times.

By Richard Rys

The Affair Recap: You Can Stay

This episode has one of kindest, most romantic moments in the entirety of The Affair.  

By Angelica Jade Bastién

The Good Wife Recap: Flaccid-o Domingo

The Good Wife chose an appropriately blood-curdling, spine-tingling subject matter for this holiday weekend's episode: student-loan repayment!

By Lauren Hoffman