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  1. in conversation
    Peter Dinklage on the Weirdness of Fame and the Fate of Tyrion Lannister“As an actor, the best you can do is try to bring some honesty into your parts and hope people will follow,” says the star of My Dinner With Hervé.
  2. movies
    Peter Dinklage Requested That His I Think We’re Alone Now Character Love Wine“I really wanted to NOT be not a drinker.”
  3. movie review
    I Think We’re Alone Now Has an Intriguing Start, But a Bewilderingly Bad EndingPeter Dinklage deserves all the good will we can muster, but if he’s going to make movies like this, Game of Thrones can’t come soon enough.
  4. casting
    Peter Dinklage Is Starring in a Rumpelstiltskin MovieHe will also serve as a producer.
  5. the feeding tube
    All of the Super Bowl Food and Drink Ads, RankedIt was a big year for celebrity-endorsed junk food.
  6. Reed Morano Says Peter Dinklage Would Be the Lead in Her Star Wars MovieEven though she claims that rumors of her piloting the Millennium Falcon are “just rumors.”
  7. movie review
    Review: Three Billboards Unsettlingly Blends Eccentricity and TragedyWriter-director Martin McDonagh begins with a finely calibrated mix of melancholy and quirk, but it ultimately turns broad to the point of silliness.
  8. Which Game of Thrones Stars Will Become Movie Stars?Looking at the likelihood of cinematic stardom for Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, et al.
  9. first looks
    See Peter Dinklage and Jamie Dornan in the First My Dinner With Hervé PhotoIt’s HBO’s Hervé Villechaize movie.
  10. Peter Dinklage on Indie Movies Versus GoTHe did note the difference in salary.
  11. casting couch
    Peter Dinklage in Talks for Infinity War RoleInfinity War and its sequel will shoot back-to-back.
  12. contract negotiations
    GOT Cast Looking at Big Raises for Final SeasonsThe central five will reportedly net $500,000 per episode next season.
  13. Conan O’Brien, Peter Dinklage, and Lena Headey Play ‘Overwatch’ for […]Conan O’Brien’s “Clueless Gamer” segment returned last night, where O’Brien was joined by Game of Thrones stars Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey […]
  14. last night on late night
    Watch Conan Play Overwatch With GOT Cast MembersDinklage has maybe played this game before.
  15. Winter Came to ‘SNL’ in the Form of Peter Dinklage It certainly felt like winter came to 30 Rock this weekend, in part due to some unseasonably chilly weather in NYC, but mostly because Game […]
  16. saturday night live
    Leslie Jones & Peter Dinklage Do Naked & AfraidCelebrity Naked and Afraid is a show we’d watch though.
  17. saturday night live
    Watch Peter Dinklage’s GOT-Themed SNL Monologue“I’m Peter Dinklage, and if you don’t know who I am, then congratulations, you’re not a nerd.”
  18. saturday night live
    Watch SNL Take on GOTMocap technology really has come a long way.
  19. saturday night live
    Peter Dinklage and Cecily Strong in SNL PromosSummer is coming.
  20. Here Are This Week’s ‘SNL’ Promos with Peter Dinklage and Cecily StrongPeter Dinklage makes his SNL hosting debut this weekend, and NBC just released the first round of promos. Joined by Cecily Strong, Dinklage […]
  21. Peter Dinklage to Host ‘SNL’ on April 2ndSNL has announced another first-time host for season 41. Over the weekend, the show revealed that Peter Dinklage is set to make his hosting […]
  22. saturday night live
    Peter Dinklage to Host SNL on April 2With musical guest Gwen Stefani.
  23. Peter Dinklage on Being a ‘DwILF’Can we ban terms that end in -ILF yet?
  24. game of thrones
    Tyrion’s Best QuotesTeam Dinklage all the way.
  25. game of thrones
    Check Out Likely Fake But Still Cool Peter Dinklage Street ArtAll hail The Dink! (That’s our nickname for him because we’re friends.)
  26. game of thrones
    See What Game of Thrones Would Look Like If Everyone Was Silent But Peter DinklageDinklage FTW.
  27. terrible movies
    Peter Dinklage Sort of Defends TiptoesYou remember, that movie where Gary Oldman plays a dwarf.
  28. casting couch
    Peter Dinklage and Catherine O’Hara Will Star in RememoryThe film was written for them.
  29. trailer mix
    Let’s Discuss Peter Dinklage in the Trailer for Kate Hudson’s Cancer RomcomThere’s a lot to talk about.
  30. game of thrones
    See a Slew of Pictures From the New Season of Game of ThronesPeter Dinklage: still the coolest.
  31. Justin Long Pens Romcom For Evan Rachel WoodPeter Dinklage will costar.
  32. trailer mix
    Knights of Badassdom Trailer: When HBO Stars Attack!Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten, and Steve Zahn play sword-wielding nerds.
  33. sundance
    Ed Helms, Ben Foster, Kate Bosworth, and More in Vulture’s Sundance Photo AlbumSee the stars in all their winterwear!
  34. the industry
    Kelly Kapoor Has Absolute PowerPlus: Will Ferrell moves to the ‘burbs.
  35. Ruth Madoff Is One of the Little PeopleAt least, she looks like one.
  36. In Which Ethan Hawke Tells Us All About How He Is SO Not Over UmaAt first, when the sound equipment failed and random musicians began taking the stage for impromptu sets between the 24-Hour Plays being performed at the Atlantic Theater, it was grim. Between the first two plays, a person who may or may not have been a stagehand came out and performed an Ani DiFranco song. (We knew it was that, because we went to college.) Later, she sang an Irish ditty, it being Saint Patrick’s Day. We looked around. What torture would come next? Then something inexplicable and magical happened. Out of nowhere, actor Ethan Hawke hopped up onstage, strapped on an acoustic guitar and bared his soul to the audience. “Someone I know wrote this song while shooting a movie in Paris during his divorce,” he said. We, along with the rest of the audience, gasped. He was totally talking about himself, and more important, Uma Thurman!
  37. Openings
    Spike Jonze Anoints Bacaro With Celebrity Cred On Monday we hit one of Bacaro’s bacchanalian opening parties and suggested a Halloween visit to preview the spooky (and soon-to-be-sceney) basement. Eater, in telling folks that the place wouldn’t open till Thursday, scared off the riffraff and we had no problem strolling in (again, no doorman or publicist or list, just word from a staffer that bubbly was on the house all night) and immediately tucking in to gratis plates of cuttlefish risotto, gnocchi, marinated sardines, spaghetti alle vongole, meatballs, and so on.
  38. quote machine
    Lance Bass Bemoans Lack of Space Travel, Same-Sex Relationships in 50 Cent’s New AutobiographyPlus: Quotes from Anthony Hopkins and Peter Dinklage!
  39. the industry
    A Big Detective Heads to the Small ScreenNo. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency On TV: The Weinstein Company is producing a TV movie (and possible series) based on Alexander McCall Smith’s much-loved series The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, with Anthony Minghella directing and writing alongside Richard Curtis.