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Will Gramercy Succumb to High-Rise Condos?

Clinton Hill: Cops will respond to the recent spate of thefts and break-ins around here, but only if you actually report them. [Clinton Hill Blog] Gramercy Park: How long will it take for the abandoned buildings at 23rd Street and Second Avenue to go high-rise condo? [This Is What We Do Now] Prospect Heights: Ratner's Atlantic Yards project starts to become real as demos proceed within the project's footprint — save those lots whose owners have filed suit, that is. [Atlantic Yards Report] West Village: From top loin to Thom Browne? Yep, it looks like Barneys might be opening a new store in the meatpacking district's former home of Western Beef. [Curbed] Williamsburg: Government environmental honchos want City Councilman Tony Avella to know that everything is all right with that oil oozing out of the ground at North 11th and Roebling. How reassuring. [Gowanus Lounge]

Prospect Heights Does More Than Just Hate Bruce Ratner

East Village: Beloved St. Brigid's Church has been spared the Catholic archdiocese's wrecking ball yet again — at least for a few more months. [The Villager] Fort Greene: The landlord at 20 Grand Avenue is trying to evict its creative-type tenants from the 60,000-square-foot, commercially zoned warehouse. [Brownstoner] Harlem: What's that weird plant hanging from the wall at the cute new florist shop on 123rd and Freddie Douglass? It's a staghorn fern, duh. [Harlem Fur] Prospect Heights: Opponents of the Atlantic Yards project flew into action last week … to help find an activist's black Lab, Lady Day, after she was dognapped. Is Ratner involved? [Brooklyn Paper] Upper West Side: If this condo tower gets built above West-Park Presbyterian Church, the poor folk inhabiting subsidized units will have to use a different entryway — and stay out of the gym. [NYS] Willets Point: The "Iron Triangle" of car-related businesses near Shea Stadium is up for redevelopment — but with no sewers in the area, what toxic goop lies beneath? [Curbed]

The Partial Return of City Hall Park

Borough Park: Due largely to its prolific Orthodox Jewish community, this hood holds the city's record for most babies, pumping out an average of thirteen daily! [Fort Greene Courier via Brooklyn Record] Brooklyn Heights: Some beautiful old sgraffito façade work at 177-179 Columbia Heights will likely go unrestored due to prohibitive costs. Quel dommage. [Brooklyn Heights Blog] City Hall: After years of public pleading, City Hall Park will partially reopen in July. [Tribeca Trib via Curbed] East Village: Guess what's arrived at that longtime mystery lot bounded by Second, Third, 13th, and 14th? Drumroll, please: It's …a bank ad! Wow. [Curbed] Harlem: Would Langston Hughes have hung out at Starbucks? A new book finds that the uptown scene may be most compromised by the city's increasing "suburbanization." [City Limits via Uptown Flavor] Prospect Heights: A petition is circulating to spare the lovely 1911 Ward's Bakery building from Atlantic Yards–related demolition. [Gowanus Lounge]

You, With the Pet Raccoon! Time for Your Rabies Shot

Chelsea: When you buy into "the most coveted new address" in "New York City's most desired neighborhood," hot babes in fishnets await you on your couch. [Curbed] East Harlem: Were you one of the two white thirtysomethings wearing scrubs who brought that injured raccoon to the 110th Street animal shelter Tuesday? Well, you better call the Health Department, because that little mofo was rabid! [Flatbush Gardener] East Village: Complaints from upstairs neighbors have led to a ban on live music at Avenue B punk dive Manitoba's, owned by Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators [Brooklyn Vegan] Prospect Heights: Those long-sought financials for the Atlantic Yards project are finally out. Now just try to understand them. [Brownstoner] Sunnyside Gardens: Residents want to turn the pretty area into a landmarked historic district, but their state senator opposes the idea. [Queens Crap via Queens Gazette]* Sunset Park: A high-rise threatens to obscure the view of Lady Liberty from one of the highest points in Brooklyn … and residents are fuming about it. [NY1 via Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn] *Correction: An earlier version of this story suggested that Sunnyside Garden residents opposed the area's historic designation while their state senator supported it. Also, the original item was found in the Queens Gazette, not the Queens Courier.

There's Nothing Temporary About Twenty Years

Brooklyn Heights: At St. Francis College last night, they were hootin' down plans to finance Brooklyn Bridge Park with luxury condos, restaurants, and office space on the 70-acre site. [MetroNY] Harlem: You and poochie can make new friends this Saturday when you help move a big pile of wood chips at the soon-to-be-rehabbed St. Nicholas Park dog run. [Friends of St. Nicholas Park Blog via Harlem Fur] Lower Manhattan: Plans for Santiago Calatrava's much-hyped tower of "stackable" condo cubes for 80 South Street are reportedly "still alive." [City Realty via Curbed] Midtown East: For whatever reason, the Rite Aid in Grand Central is selling cereal for $1.79 a box. Even the kind that usually costs $6. Run, before the Cap'n Crunch is gone!. [This is What We Do Now] Prospect Heights: Those "temporary" parking lots planned for Atlantic Yards already aren't very popular. Could they actually last up to twenty years? [Brooklyn Speaks] Soho: In a refreshing change of paint, uh, pace, the latest street-art defacing comes not from the hardworking Splasher, but from … Katsu! [Gothamist via Razor Apple]

Forest City Ratner Wants to Hear Your Complaints

Clinton Hill: Whoever thought that a bar-hopping query would be so charged with race and class drama? [Brooklynian] Clinton: Thanks to Renzo Piano's eco-swank Times tower, the legendarily scuzzy Port Authority district is now safe for top-line businesses. [Gothamist] Gowanus: Park Slopesters want the Whole Foods megastore coming to 3rd Street and Third Avenue to swap its planned rooftop parking deck for solar panels. [Gowanus Lounge] Harlem: A new luxury condo from architects Feder & Stia will soon cantilever boldly over the 116th Street mosque where Malcolm X once held court. [City Realty via Curbed] Nolita: Sure, the billboard on Houston and Lafayette is for a clothing line, but what if "Come as you are" was the new neighborhood tagline? [Copyranter] Prospect Heights: Come vent! Forest City Ratner, developer of Atlantic Yards, has opened a "community liaison" office. [Brooklyn Speaks via No Land Grab]

Chickens Further Brooklyn Gentrification

Battery Park: This funky glass carousel thingy could serve as a spot that links park visitors to the Coney Island aquarium via a ferry. [Kinetic Carnival] Clinton Hill: Why go to a food co-op or the farmers' market when you can raise chickens right behind your own brownstone? [Brownstoner] East Village: A first peek inside (and through the windows of) the Bowery Hotel, where rooms start (for now) at $245. [Hotel Chatter via Curbed] Gowanus: Oh, boy! It's the four-part lecture on the history of the canal we've all been waiting for. [Brooklyn Record] Morningside Heights: Columbia students use clever street art to strike back at their school's real-estate takeover of the area. [Gothamist] Prospect Heights: Have you met Sydney, Hudson, Jenny BiBabe, and Dakota on MySpace? They're the new condos that want to be friends with you. [Gowanus Lounge]

Public Art Stops Traffic in Red Hook (For Half a Day)

Fort Greene: Happy birthday, Tillie's! The pioneering boho café on DeKalb is marking its tenth anniversary with a month of events showcasing Brooklyn-based music, arts, and writing. [Clinton Hill Blog] Harlem: Rumors are flying that the (refreshingly contextual) Gateway II condo project at 114th and Frederick Douglass may unravel, leaving early buyers in the lurch. [Wired New York via Curbed] Jamaica: The city's proposal to build up the Hillside Avenue commercial strip is causing a stir among local pols and residents. [Times Ledger via Queens Crap] Long Island City: If you come, they will build it: a better bike route over the 59th Street Bridge. The MTA wants your input on improved cycling in (and out) of Queens. [Astorians] Prospect Heights: When the Atlantic Yards–themed "Footprints" exhibition opens February 13 at the Brooklyn Public Library, one work — depicting Ratner's project as a giant looming toilet bowl — will not be on display. Censorship? [Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn via Brooklyn Record] Red Hook: At the dangerous intersection of Van Brunt and Dikeman en route to the Fairway, a mysterious "traffic-stopper" sculpture was removed last weekend almost as soon as it appeared. [Brooklyn Paper]

Last Call at Northsix

Clinton Hill: Lots of abandoned homes up for sale—for first-time homebuyers, that is, not folks looking to trade their tiny co-op for a spacious fixer-upper. [Clinton Hill Blog] Coney Island: Developing Coney Island isn't "financially feasible" without high-rise housing on Stillwell Avenue, says Thor Equities. [Kinetic Carnival] Harlem: That empty lot at 1405 Fifth Avenue will soon be low- and middle-income housing. [What About the Plastic Animals?] Prospect Heights: Turns out there are still five privately owned acres smack in the path of Atlantic Yards. [Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn] Prospect Lefferts Gardens: Would expanding the historic district help prevent new development eyesores? [Across the Park] West Village: Which fashion label will grace the N.J. Turnpike–size billboard being affixed to the Gansevoort Hotel? [Curbed] Williamsburg: Catch the last show at Northsix before the space closes to magically transform into the Music Hall of Williamsburg. [FREEwilliamsburg]

The Sky Is Not Falling (in Carroll Gardens, at Least)

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Who's this mysterious "Michael," whose handwritten notes left on doorsteps offer to pay for Brooklyn homes in cash? [Brownstoner] Carroll Gardens: Is the sky falling? Nah, it's just corrugated steel from a condo conversion crashing down near neighbors' windows. [Brownstoner] Chelsea: On the 23rd Street strip that once hosted New York's flagship Krispy Kreme, the newish Burgers & Cupcakes -- complete with giant, spinning cupcake -- draws mixed nabe reviews. [Chelsea.ClickYourBlock via BlogChelsea] Chelsea: Will landmark 1971 Knox Martin mural "Venus" be eclipsed by sleek new Jean Nouvel condo tower? [Curbed] Clinton Hill: Is Pratt planning to destroy these beautiful, boarded-up townhouses on Willoughby Street? [Clinton Hill Blog] Prospect Heights: With stakes raised by Sunday Times coverage, the backlash against the street art–defacing "Splasher" intensifies. [Englishman in New York] Red Hook: There are good places to eat in a nabe that's "not just for crackheads anymore." [Chow via Brooklyn Record]

Chelsea Hotel Basement Gets Snobbier

Chelsea: Serena's out and Star Lounge is in underneath the Chelsea Hotel. Owner Charles Ferri promises a more "elitist crowd." Sounds fun! [NYP] Fort Greene: Liquors restaurant isn't reopening in the spring, or ever. [Clinton Hill Blog] Midtown East: On a date but haven't sealed the deal? Wow her with a late-night trip to the Empire State Building. [NewYorkology] Prospect Heights: Warm weather rouses mosquitoes. Do they spray for West Nile Virus in January? [Brooklynian via DailyHeights] Soho: Donald Trump will love the new Department of Sanitation garage on Spring Street and West Street. [Curbed] Williamsburg: The new, unnamed space on North 6th Street and Wythe will have a media lounge in the storefront and a performance space out back. [Brooklyn Record]

Are the Writers Leaving Brooklyn?

The Bronx: It's about time for a Web video series about bodegas. [The Daily Reel via Gothamist] Carroll Gardens: Renaissance Pharmacy closed over the weekend, leaving you with few options that don't rhyme with CVS. [Brooklyn Record] Fort Greene: Take your Christmas tree to Fort Greene Park this week and go home with a bag of mulch. (BYO bag.) [Clinton Hill Blog] Gowanus: Wannabe scared off by a few toxic fumes. Bah! [Gowanus Lounge] Park Slope: The Rushkoffs are leaving? Will the Jonathans flee the neighborhood next? [A Girl Grows in Brooklyn via Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn] Prospect Heights: What's the best way to get home from JFK? It might just be the Air Train. [Brooklynian via Daily Heights]

Act Like a Third-Grader in Prospect Heights, on UES

Long Island City: Use this photo map to see what the area looks like without actually having to ride the 7 Train. [LICNYC via Gothamist] Manhattan: Appeal to your inner agoraphobic in 2007 and observe the city with these 50 Webcams. [NewYorkology] Park Slope: We're the fourth-best eco-neighborhood in the country. Take that, Chicago. [Natural Home magazine via Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn] Prospect Heights: Brooklyn Heights can have bocce. After all, we have dioramas! [Brooklyn Record] Upper East Side: Prospect Heights isn't regressing far enough. We've upped the stakes with dodgeball. [Upper East Side Informer] Williamsburg: Celebrate the new year by falling into a sinkhole on North 11th Street. [Gowanus Lounge]

Toxic Plume Gets Uppity, Moves to Park Slope

Brooklyn Heights: Within a year, there will be clear signage for the Brooklyn Bridge footpath. [Brooklyn Papers] Clinton Hill: Does actor Daniel London actually live here, or are we just spreading rumors? [Clinton Hill Blog] Fort Greene: Neighborhood caroling tonight! [Brooklyn Record] Gowanus: The toxic plume that started here is now gentrifying Park Slope. [Brooklyn Papers] Prospect Heights: Bruce Ratner is watching you with 29 CCTV cameras. [Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn]

What to Tip in Prospect Heights

Brooklyn Heights: A pedestrian was killed this morning on Henry Street near Montague. [Brooklyn Record] Clinton Hill: This holiday season, help Todd Lester save an endangered artist. [ClintonHillBlog] Greenpoint: If you start thanking government officials for efficient service, Marty Markowitz may call your house. So be careful. [New York Shitty] Prospect Heights: Tip your cabbie at least $3 if coming home from Manhattan. [Daily Heights] Prospect Lefferts Garden: According to CompStat, this place isn't nearly as deadly as Brooklyn blog readers seem to think it is. [Across the Park] Upper East Side: What's the best sports bar for the football novice? [The Upper East Side Scene]

NYU Tuition Funds Mice Infestation

Dumbo: Biking across the bridge is like pedaling through a field of wildflowers. With ice at the bottom. [Razor Apple] Clinton Hill: Brand new townhouses ditch stoops for Rocky steps. [Brownstoner] Prospect Heights: Is the neighborhood so hot that houses are suddenly appearing on the market without the owner's knowledge? [Daily Heights via Brooklynian] Staten Island: A walk through Richmond Terrace, from the ferry to the bar. [Forgotten-NY] West Village: NYU students learn to live like real New Yorkers, with mice. [Washington Square News]

Relaxing, Fighting Fires in the South Bronx

Brooklyn Heights: Other community theaters do Fiddler on the Roof; this one gets all uppity with Into the Woods. [A Brooklyn Life] • Morrisania: A century ago, South Bronx firefighters had it easy. [Brooklyn Ramblings] • Prospect Heights: City takes steps to prevent tenants from moving into Robert Scarano's crappy buildings. [Brooklyn Papers] • Sunset Park: Mom from Park Slope beat neighborhood roosters, no question. [Sunset Parker] • Upper West Side: What's the point of living here if you don't enjoy the CNN-obstructed view? [CitySpecific]

Park Slopers Denied Self-Righteous Place in American History

East Village: If real-estate agents can make up neighborhood names like BoCoCa, how about Manwood? [East Village Idiot] Park Slope: The Atlantic listed the 100 most influential Americans, and not one of them represented the Greater Park Slope Community. Outrageous. [Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn] Prospect Heights: Residents get antsy about the type of people who will move into Richard Meier's One Prospect Park Tower now that it's listed with Corcoran. [Daily Heights] Red Hook: People stuck in the past want to preserve Civil War history instead of letting Ikea pave a parking lot over it. [The Real Estate/NYO] Staten Island: Happy 42nd Birthday, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge! You make getting off this island so much easier. [Sunset Parker] Times Square: There are only a few shopping days left to taunt David Blaine. Hurry. [Gothamist]

Gowanus Whole Foods Renders Manhattan Irrelevant

Ellis Island: Creepy photos of busted old hospital make you happy to enter the country through JFK. [NewYorkology] • Gowanus: Whole Foods broke ground yesterday. As of spring 2008, you'll never have to go to Manhattan again. [Gowanus Lounge] • Long Island City: With a $22 million redevelopment infusion, Queens Plaza will be a much more attractive place for strip clubs and recently released Rikers inmates. [Queens Tribune] • Prospect Heights: In the sixties, rent was less than $150 a month and the smokes were 28 cents a pack. [Brooklynian via Daily Heights] • Tribeca: 92nd Street Y heads downtown, perhaps backed by the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. [Downtown Express]

Mail, Dates Tough to Get in Brooklyn

East Village: Landlord sues tenants for not letting loud, dust-covered construction workers tromp through his apartment and build an overpriced penthouse. [amNY] • Fort Greene: We must all sacrifice imported dates in this time of war. [Brooklyn Record] • Hunts Point: Why go to Rikers when you can go to your neighborhood jail? [NYDN] • Ozone Park: Plan to make Aqueduct Racetrack even more depressing is deterred by the delay of video slot machines. [amNY] • Prospect Heights: The substitute mail carrier won't even ring once. [Brooklynian via Daily Heights] • Upper East Side: A New York City public high school gets its act together, so it must be time to relocate. [Gotham Gazette] • Upper East Side: Woody Allen doesn't have any problems with performances spaces; he'd just prefer that they not be in his neighborhood. [NYS]