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Where's The Lard?

"In what crazy pants world is “no lard” a selling point?" asks Midtown Lunch.

Why Are Comedies Still Using Gay Jokes?

I noted back when I first posted the trailer to Ron Howard's upcoming Vince Vaughn/Kevin James vehicle The Dilemma that it opened with a pretty clunky gay joke. Anderson Cooper noted the same thing today, prompting Universal to not only cut it [...]

By Adam Frucci

Meet the Salmonella Villain

This most recent egg recall and major salmonella outbreak is linked to the same egg producer arguably responsible for the nation's first outbreaks thirty years ago.

By Jay Barmann

Apple’s $.99 TV Show Rentals Miss the Mark

There's a new way to watch TV shows without cable: through Apple's new Apple TV. At $.99 per episode, Apple is claiming that it's the future of streaming. But it's not.

By Adam Frucci