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Here’s a Spoiler-Filled Look at the ‘Anchorman 2’ News Brawl

Anchorman 2 is currently filming in Atlanta, and The Daily Mail snagged a bunch of pictures from the set during the filming of the movie's inevitable news anchor brawl. Click through to the post if you want to see 17 pictures of the scene, most [...]

By Bradford Evans

‘Anchorman 2’ Adds Three Big-Name Actors to Play Small Parts

Production on Anchorman 2 is still underway in Atlanta, and The Hollywood Reporter, um, reports that three big-name actors have joined the cast for cameos or small parts. We'l refrain from spoiling the cameos, but two of the actors played small [...]

By Bradford Evans

This New ‘Portlandia’ Clip Has All the Spoilers

Here's a sketch from the new season of Portlandia (premiering Friday) in which a bunch of people try to talk about TV without using spoilers and end up spoiling everything. If you haven't seen every episode of every TV show ever, you should be [...]

By Bradford Evans