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All-Star Game Humiliates MLB

Let’s just say if Corey Hart’s throw in the bottom of the fifteenth had been on line and in time, we suspect he would have been booed more than cheered. By whatever fans were left.

Nacho Figueras Explains Polo to Us

We're not sure we believe it, but according to the Argentine player, it's not just models and hedge-fund dudes who like watching the sport.

Home Run Derby Already Not a Hit With Fans

Moderately popular All-Stars will compete to hit the most home runs toward Pleasantville, White Plains, or whatever other upstate suburbs Chris Berman has identified on a map of the metropolitan area.

The Rodriguez Divorce Papers

Cynthia's lawyers file for her divorce from A-Rod. The papers are short and sweet, but they promise big battles ahead.

C-Rod to A-Rod: Give Me a D-Rod

The Yankee slugger's wife decides that tales of his relationship with Madonna are the last straw and files for a divorce today in Miami.