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CFDA's Titanic iPod: It's Unsyncable!

The fashion-industry elite walking out of the Swarovski-sponsored pre–CFDA awards dinner at Top of the Rock last night found a particularly exciting treat in their gift bags: a Swarovski-crystal- encrusted iPod Shuffle. There's just one problem. The crystals covering the case make the Shuffle too big to fit in its dock, which means it won't sync with a computer. Unless, that is, the fashionistas go out and buy Shuffle adaptors, we're told. Note to Swarovski: Next time, get a tech team in to consult on crystal size. —Jada Yuan

Today in Swag: Anne Heche Gives Lessons; Josh Holloway Matches

The upfronts continue, and so, naturally, does the swag. In our final report from the front lines of celebrities getting stuff they could easily pay for themselves, we've got a little news from Tuesday and some shocking scoops from yesterday.

How Today's Mail Is Different From All Other Days' Mail

The perfect sign that Passover has arrived at New York, even more than those calls from mom (no, you can't take a train that late; seventeen people I'm cooking for!)? The messenger-delivered arrival at the office of PR matzo, handmade by the Chabad of — where else? — Southampton. Good yontif, everyone.

Sundance Report: Bronx ‘Internets Celebrities’ Go to Park City, Discover Swag

Think it's only the rich and beautiful at the Sundance Film Festival? Not entirely. The Bronx-based video artists Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam are there, too, and they're exploring Park City in a daily series of funny shorts called "Internets Celebrities." In today's installment, they discover swag, and the copious amount of it waiting for celebs at the film festival. "Sienna Miller is everywhere," Penn notes. "She's a swag hag." So, too, it seems, are our hosts. Internets Celebrities: Swag [The Daily Reel] Related: Video Reveals Bodega Food Pyramid [Grub Street]