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Aaron Schock

  1. Ex-Congressman Aaron Schock Might Be MissingOr he’s really good at avoiding process servers.
  2. Potential Schock Replacement Asked Whether He Will Repaint Office of IniquityHe didn’t answer the question. 
  3. Congressman Schock Has Great Career OptionsWant to hire a charismatic and only mildly disgraced politician? He’s your man.
  4. Somebody Please Give Aaron Schock a TV ShowHis scandal didn’t teach us anything new about D.C.— but that didn’t make it (or him) any less entertaining.
  5. scandals
    The Aaron Schock Scandal Comes Full CircleIn a corrupt town, why are so few politicians brought down by ethics violations?
  6. Congressman Aaron Schock Resigns Representative Aaron Schock resigned today after a month of questions spurred by dubious choices in interior design. 
  7. How Downton Abbey Office Décor Morphed Into a D.C. Spending ScandalAn object lesson in why ethics violations are reported — or not.
  8. Millennial Lawmaker Selfies Self Into ScandalInstagram establishes itself as a government watchdog. 
  9. Representative Aaron Schock’s Lavish Spending Doesn’t End With His Office The Downton Abbey theme might have been a mistake.
  10. Aaron Schock Aide Resigns After Racist Facebook Posts [Updated]The congressman just can’t catch a break.
  11. Schock Defends Downton-Inspired OfficeHaters are also gonna make him pay the interior decorator.
  12. Scandal Rocks Congressman’s Downton Abbey–Inspired OfficeYou’d think his staff was covering up the Mr. Pamuk incident.
  13. Aaron Schock ‘Not Gay,’ New York Times Winks The Republican politician’s body gets another coy article.
  14. New York Times Almost Outs Aaron Schock The Paper of Record wrote its own very obvious blind item, based on another blind item.
  15. Youngest And Hottest Congressman Gives America What it WantsAbs.
  16. Aaron Schock Explains His Sexy Ab ShotIf that ever gets out, I’m gonna kill you guys.”