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Troy and Pierce in the Morning?

In a recent interview, Danny Pudi was asked about the special relationship between Abed and Troy. He revealed that it wasn't really the plan at first:

By Jesse David Fox

The Story of an Autistic Woman Discovering/Relating to ‘Community’

Julia Bascom recounts what it was like first discovering Community as a person with Autism. It's a touching look into, as Julia describes, "what it means to start a new story and see on your screen, for the first time, someone who moves like [...]

By Jesse David Fox

58 Reasons Why I Love Community, One from Every Episode

Before Community aired its first episode in 2009, Joel McHale was the guy from The Soup, known to most only as "The Guy from The Soup"; Gillian Jacobs was the girl who had a topless scene in Choke; Alison Brie was the rarely-seen Trudy on Mad [...]

By Joshua Kurp

Dan Harmon Opens Up to Wired Magazine

Come on a journey - a Hero's Journey, if you will (you won't? Okay) - with this profile of Dan Harmon, which follows the path of Harmon's career using his own 8-step storytelling formula. Not that it's a surprise to anyone who follows his blog, [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Abed Predicts the Emmy Comedy Winners With a Little Help from ABBA

If anyone would have some very strong opinion about potential Emmy winners, Community's Abed Nadir would be it. Citing the time-tested ABBA pattern of Emmy picks, Abed is able to calculate the Best Comedy winner, at least in a year of sub-par [...]

By Halle Kiefer