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The Good Kind of Hollywood Sketch

One problem with comedy writers is: we're part of the Hollywood machine. We eat and sleep the "entertainment industry," because it's our job to do so, no different than a heart surgeon who thinks a lot about heart surgery (okay, it's a little [...]

By Luke Kelly Clyne

This ‘We’re Trying’ Sketch is a Lesson in Heightening

By the end of We're Trying, I was laughing out loud, and that was for a couple of reasons. First, the jokes were just funny. Throughout. This is a strong piece, with really solid writing. Second, and more technically, the video heightened [...]

By Luke Kelly Clyne

If You Love Mexican Soap Operas, You’ll Love This Video

Comedians are creative. Absolutely! Even still, it's so rare that a comedian's creative instinct strays from very tried and true formats. Standup, improv, sketch, short film, long film, very long film, and etc. George Kareman, an actor who's [...]

By Luke Kelly Clyne