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  1. academia
    This Is What a Modern-Day Witch Hunt Looks LikeA bunch of academics are spreading false information about one of their own, leading to a massive and misinformed pile-on.
  2. reality check
    Hannah on Girls Could Not Have Gotten That JobThe show has always had a fraught relationship with realism.
  3. Potential Trump Science Adviser Says 90 Percent of U.S. Colleges Will DisappearYale computer scientist David Gelernter is a tough critic of academia.
  4. niche drama
    Academia’s Most Famous Feminist Knows How to Send a Scathing EmailDo not mess with Judith Butler.
  5. This Viral Trump Syllabus Will Help You Understand How the Mess Was MadeA deep dive into the Trump years behind us — and ahead.
  6. So, Maybe Academics Are Unconsciously Set Up for Clickbait ResearchIt’s just responding to the incentives in place, after all.
  7. you don't say
    Yale Professor Accused of Sexual Harassment ‘Would Have Done Things Differently’He still denies any alleged assault took place.
  8. Men Are Way More Likely to Cite Themselves As an ExpertA mansplanation.
  9. academia
    Matthew McConaughey to ‘Teach’ College ClassMcConaughey and Gary Ross are partnering for a class at the University of Texas at Austin.
  10. back to school
    Gender-Neutral Family Policies Help Men SucceedA small problem with policies to help female academics.
  11. first person
    The Line Between Professor and Predator Isn’t Always So ClearI had an affair with an older male professor and tried to make him the villain, but the truth was murkier.
  12. One Professor Has a Clue As to Why Women Choose Not to Stay in STEMAnd no, it’s not a lack of skill.
  13. jargon
    Academia Still Has a Terrible Gobbledygook ProblemA new Sokal hoax-esque affair reveals that we still have a long way to go.
  14. things that took entirely too long
    After 785 Years, Oxford University Finally Decides to Put a Woman in ChargeProfessor Louise Richardson has been nominated to become the first female vice-chancellor at the British institution.
  15. Why Academics Love Stephen Colbert tooThe Washington Post to a look into academia’s obsession with Stephen Colbert. The article is framed negatively, so ignore that and just check […]
  16. mets
    Mets Hofstra Conference Excerpt: Mets PoetryOur last excerpt of academic papers.
  17. academia
    Lap Dance Expert Compares Stripping to New York City BalletHer arguments will be heard by the New York Court of Appeals in 2012.
  18. Recent Advancements and Revelations in the Academic Study of ComedyResearchers worldwide have been conducting many critical studies on the science of comedy this past year, giving hope to all that a cure for […]
  19. tits on a stick
    Academics Back Up Debrahlee Lorenzana’s Claim That Her Cans Got Her CannedJustice for the woman who described herself as “Tits on a Stick.”
  20. papers we are waiting for with bated breath
    Apparently, Naked Mole Rats Have Facebook, Too!!!!!!!!
  21. academia
    Princeton Professor Dissects Ke$ha’s Shakespeare ReferencesThe lyric “Oh oh, oh oh” is clearly a nod to King Lear’s line “No, no, no, no!”
  22. academia
    Todd Phillips’s Guest Lecture on Insurance Fraud Condemned by NYUSee the strongly worded letter!
  23. apropos of nothing
    ‘The Sopranos’: The Academic SymposiumPresentations include “Comfortably Numb? The Sopranos, New Brutalism and the Last Temptation of Chris.”