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  1. slacks
    Ad Age Notes Which ‘Women to Watch’ Wear PantsThat’s how you’ll spot them.
  2. Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, Lena Dunham, Kelly Oxford Honored by ‘Advertising […]Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, Lena Dunham, Kelly Oxford, and Graydon Sheppard were included in Ad Age’s annual Creativity 50. They’re honored […]
  3. Coke
    Minorities Should Thank Coca-Cola for Targeting Them, Says Soda GuruStereotyping, one straw at a time.
  4. mad men
    Ad Age Still Mad About Last Week’s Mad MenWho knew that advertising journalists were so sensitive?
  5. mad men
    Ad Age Debunks Mad Men Interview SceneThey didn’t ask “cute-ass questions.”
  6. media deathwatch
    Ad Age Reducing IssuesThe latest news on the seeming demise of print media.
  7. gossipmonger
    Kaplan to the Rescue!Former CNN and MSNBC honcho Rick Kaplan is coming to save Katie Couric’s CBS Evening News. Bono disagrees with an Ad Age’s cover story saying that his RED campaign has been a financial failure. Brandon Davis mocked Paula Abdul for having an Arabic-sounding last name. His real surname? Zarif. Two staffers quit Star’s beauty department. Leslie Stahl’s contract at 60 Minutes is almost up, and it’s unclear whether she’s staying. Stephen Colbert’s new Ben & Jerry’s flavor is called “AmeriCone.” (And we told you all about it on Tuesday.) Buddha Bar fired its CEO. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown hung out at their kid’s birthday dinner.