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Every Commercial That Aired During the First Simpsons Episode

The Simpsons have been around for a very long time, but it can be sometimes hard to place those early episodes in their time periods. Sure, there are references to politicians, celebrities and events from the early 90's that date it a bit, but [...]

By Adam Frucci

What the Hell Is Up with Alec Baldwin’s Wegmans Commercials?

Alec Baldwin is rich and famous and has absolutely no need to do crappy, low-budget local commercials. But his mom loves upstate NY supermarket Wegmans! So of course, he did a couple of weirdly lousy ads for them. It's like they're a joke! But [...]

By Adam Frucci

Can Branded Content Be Funny?

When Chuck did it, we laughed at them, not with them. When 30 Rock does it, or pretty much every other capital-G Good show on TV right now for that matter, we laugh at them, but with them, too. We've learned to take the licks, and writers have [...]

By John Herrman