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  1. ask polly
    ‘I’m Constantly Worried My Boyfriend Will Leave Me!’When you feel insatiable, you need to cultivate compassion for yourself.
  2. ask a boss
    ‘I’m My Boss’s Favorite, and It Sucks!’It’s not cool for your boss to complain to you about a co-worker.
  3. my two cents
    ‘I Spent So Much Money on My Wedding, and Now I Can’t Stop!’Wedding price tags get so distorted that it’s easy to forget what’s reasonable (or just stop caring).
  4. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘I Want Kids, But My Boyfriend Isn’t Ready!’You need to find the guts to stand up for your future.
  5. ask a boss
    ‘I Keep Getting Rejected for Jobs I’m Perfect For!’There are lots of reasons why qualified candidates get turned down.
  6. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘My Kid Is Nonbinary, and I Can’t Get Over It’You need to recognize how thoughtful your child is.
  7. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Wants to Change My Job, and I’m Not Happy About It!’It’s okay to push back, especially when you feel this strongly.
  8. my two cents
    ‘I’m Finally Making Money, But It Doesn’t Feel Great’You should spend some time rethinking your priorities now that you have money to spend on them.
  9. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘I’m So Indecisive About Everything!’Throw all of your selves and contradictions on the table, and see what works.
  10. ask a boss
    ‘My Co-worker Keeps Fighting With Her Husband in Our Shared Office!’When you share work space, you have to be thoughtful about how your personal life affects others.
  11. ask polly
    ‘I Can’t Stop Oversharing!’Recognize when it’s caused by an anxious need to please others.
  12. ask a boss
    How Much Severance Pay Am I Entitled To?Everything you need to know to negotiate the stressful world of severance pay.
  13. ask polly
    ‘I Can’t Speak to Anyone!’Talking is easy when you trust yourself.
  14. my two cents
    How to Trick Yourself Into Shopping LessThe key is to make spending money a little more painful.
  15. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Lectured Me About Arriving On Time and I’m Furious!’When you’re working overtime, it can be tone deaf for your employer to nickel and dime you about what time you’re getting in.
  16. ask polly
    Ask Polly: My In-Laws Are Careless About My Deadly Food Allergy!Sometimes there’s nothing you can do but keep your distance.
  17. ask a boss
    How to Give Constructive Criticism Without Making It AwkwardIf it’s done well, giving feedback at work doesn’t have to be unpleasant.
  18. my two cents
    ‘Should I Just Give Up on Saving Money?’Cut yourself some slack.
  19. ask polly
    ‘Do I Self-Sabotage When It Comes to Dating?’You need to figure out what appeals to you, and why.
  20. ask a boss
    ‘I Feel Awful About Giving a Bad Performance Review!’If you’re doing your job well, sooner or later someone isn’t going to like you.
  21. 2020 elections
    Stop Running for President and Enjoy SummerDrop out now and go to the beach, why not.
  22. advice
    Hasan Minhaj Tells Lilly Singh the Advice He Got from Jon Stewart“He would give me no notes. None!”
  23. advice
    How to Have a Happy MarriageRemember that you chose to love this person.
  24. my two cents
    ‘How Am I Supposed to Choose a Credit Card?’You want a card that you’ll have for a long time.
  25. ask polly
    ‘I Hate Dating Apps So Much!’Never do anything that feels like a waste of time.
  26. ask a boss
    How to Answer ‘Why Are You Interested in This Position?’ in a Job InterviewThis is usually one of the first questions asked in an interview, and you shouldn’t wing your answer.
  27. ask polly
    ‘I Want to Be Single, But I’m Miserable Without Sex!’Sex cannot save you, but love and words and showing up and listening can.
  28. ask a boss
    ‘I Have Zero Motivation to Do My Job’Ultimately, it all comes down to who you want to be professionally.
  29. my two cents
    ‘Is It a Bad Idea to Borrow $1K From My Friend?’Make sure you’ve truly exhausted your other options.
  30. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘I Don’t Trust My Friends!’Your belief system is making you paranoid.
  31. ask a boss
    What to Do If You Were Just Laid OffThere are steps you can take to decrease the amount of time you’re likely to be out of work.
  32. my two cents
    ‘Can I Still Charge My Boyfriend Rent Once We’re Married?’If you’re only focused on what’s “fair,” you’re going to run into trouble.
  33. ask polly
    ‘Am I Too Romantic About True Love?’Don’t change your entire belief system just because you’re afraid of seeming naïve.
  34. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Is Insecure and Petty!’Even if she never turns on you, you still can’t trust her.
  35. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘How Do I Stop Being an Asshole?’First you need to face your callousness toward yourself.
  36. ask a boss
    How to Write an Out-of-Office MessageToo many people share too much information.
  37. ask polly
    ‘My Friendships Make Me Sad’Can you trust your instincts when it comes to friends?
  38. ask a boss
    How to Shut Down Gossip at WorkIt helps to decide if the rumors are helpful or harmful.
  39. ask polly
    ‘Men Always Disappoint Me!’You have to learn to use your voice.
  40. ask a boss
    How to Ask for More Vacation TimeThis is (a) something people do, and (b) a request that’s often granted.
  41. my two cents
    The Case For Having Tightwad FriendsThere’s an upside to feeling like you spend too much.
  42. ask polly
    ‘I Regret My College Social Life’Purge that concern from your mind once and for all.
  43. ask a boss
    How to Answer ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ in a Job InterviewThere’s a simple way to approach this question.
  44. ask polly
    ‘I Have an Excellent Lifestyle, But What If I Lose It?’You’re taking the worst part of panicking and ignoring the best part.
  45. ask a boss
    ‘I’m Allergic to the Birthday Cake My Co-workers Gave Me!’Food allergies at work are the worst.
  46. speeches
    Jennifer Garner’s Very Earnest Grad Advice Involves Dressing Like a Mailbox“Nothing looks better in your 50s than sunscreen in your 20s!”
  47. ask polly
    ‘Should I Invite My Mean Aunt to My Wedding?’When family members never address what they want or feel, things get ugly quickly.
  48. ask a boss
    ‘My Co-workers Won’t Stop Talking to Me in the Bathroom!’If you allow people to interrupt you, you’re teaching them that their behavior works.
  49. ask polly
    ‘I Can’t Do Casual’You won’t become brave enough to ask for what you want until you know, for certain, that you deserve it.
  50. ask a boss
    ‘I Had a Great Job Interview — Why Haven’t I Heard Back?’It’s really impossible to tell from the outside what might be going on.
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