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  1. green new deal
    Labor Fires Warning Shot on Green New DealAn AFL-CIO committee makes some threatening noises, but it sounds like a request for a seat at the table.
  2. labor
    15 Ways President Trump Has Hurt the American WorkerDonald Trump loves the working class as a mascot — but despises it as a class.
  3. Labor Fights Back in Missouri With Initiative to Overturn Right-to-Work LawAfter a series of setbacks, including a Supreme Court decision hammering public-sector unions, labor has a chance for a rare win to regain momentum.
  4. AFL-CIO Split Over Tom Steyer’s Green CashBillionaire Tom Steyer has agreed to contribute $5 million to the AFL-CIO’s pro-Democrat super-pac. But he opposes the Keystone Pipeline, so some unions don’t want to take his filthy, clean-energy-loving money.
  5. gross things
    Today Is a Day of Heinous Barfing StoriesWhich is worse, the one where the president of the AFL-CIO barfed in the White House, or the one where a Phillies fan barfed on an 11-year-old girl?