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  1. AIG CEO Bob Benmosche Resigns, For Real This TimeThe colorful, self-described “in-your-face” CEO that led the company back from the brink of collapse is retiring.
  2. AIG CEO: Bonus Backlash Was ‘Just As Bad’ As Deep South LynchingThe insurer’s outspoken CEO outspeaks a little too much.
  3. AIG Might Thank America for Bailout by Suing the GovernmentThe company could join a shareholder lawsuit against its rescuer.
  4. Bob Benmosche Unchained: ‘I Knew I Wasn’t Taking a Victory Lap Too Early’The CEO of AIG still feels underappreciated.
  5. The AIG Bailout Is OverOne of the worst chapters in our recent national history is nearly done.
  6. AIG Bought Back Its Own Problematic Mortgage-Backed BondsThey’re comfy with them.
  7. Ex-AIG CEO Suing U.S. for $25 BillionHank Greenberg claims the government bailout was unconstitutional.
  8. AIG Suing Bank of America for Financial Crisis LossesSomeone has to pay.
  9. AIG CEO: ‘This Ship Ain’t Going to Sink’Neither the insurance giant nor Robert Benmosche is going down anytime soon.
  10. AIG CEO Robert Benmosche Will Make Cancer His BitchDespite a cancer diagnosis, AIG’s CEO soldiers on.
  11. AIG Announces Final Plan to Pay Back GovernmentIs there really a way out of this?
  12. AIG Was Cut Out of Wall Street 2 for Being ‘Too Complex’Former chairman’s film debut ends up on the cutting room floor.
  13. Neil Barofsky Only Floyd Fan in the Treasury?A bold assertion about the special inspector general overseeing TARP.
  14. Andrew Cuomo Not About to Let Joe Cassano Slip Through His FingersThe Justice Department failed. The SEC failed. But the Attorney General may bring the man who dumped AIG in our laps to justice.
  15. What Kind of Guy Is New AIG Chairman Steve Miller?Taking stock of the man charged with keeping Robert Benmosche in check.
  16. AIG Chairman Steps DownVictory for Benmosche.
  17. Goldman ‘Built the Bomb’But did they light the fuse?
  18. Robert Benmosche: Chairman Goes or I GoThe AIG CEO has another hissy fit.
  19. Joe Cassano Could Have Saved Us All Billions If We Just Let Him Stay at the Table a While LongerThe former AIG Financial Products head wishes he’d just had one more round.
  20. AIG’s Joe Cassano to FCIC: Beat Me, Chain Me, Whip Me, But Leave My Employees AloneDon’t criticism them, criticize me.”
  21. Breaking: New York Fed Officials Were Polite to BankersThey wrote them thank-you notes, an investigation uncovers.
  22. Joe Cassano Goes to WashingtonThe head of AIG’s financial-products unit gets called in front of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.
  23. Let’s All Give Bob Benmosche a HandThe AIG CEO reaches an important milestone.
  24. AIG’s Joseph Cassano Escapes Criminal ChargesThe SEC may still come after him, though.
  25. TARP Watchdog Neil Barofsky Puts the Treasury Secretary on NoticeIndividuals at the New York Federal Reserve under Tim Geithner “will face criminal or civil charges” over AIG, he says.
  26. Robert Benmosche Will Only Stay With AIG One or Two More YearsLike those before him, the CEO of America’s most wretched insurer eyes the door.
  27. Feds May Not Be Able to Charge AIG’s Joe CassanoIt’s not lying if everyone knows you’re doing it!
  28. When He Was Running AIG, Edward Liddy Could Not Get Through an Airport Without Being Approached by CommonersNo wonder he quit so fast.
  29. The Miracle on the Hudson Plane Auction Has Been Mysteriously ‘Postponed Indefinitely’Something is fishy, and not just the smell of the seats.
  30. Guitar-Playing Grayhair, Bodybuilder, Sex-Toy Enthusiast Reportedly Drove AIG to RuinThose are three separate people.
  31. AIG Withholds Bonuses From Former Employees, Digs Even Deeper HoleIt’s a slippery slope once you start using words like gouge about your AIFG bonus being withheld.
  32. No One Was Driving the AIG Train When It Went Off the RailsSays the firm’s former chief counsel.
  33. AIG Reportedly Sells Major Insurance Unit to MetLifeThe $15.5 billion deal comes after last week’s major sale.
  34. AIG Lost $9 Billion in the Last QuarterUgh.
  35. AIG Financial Products Head Preferred Female Executives With ‘Curb Appeal’Man who burned down AIG was also a misogynist.
  36. A.I.G. Was Surprised People Got So Mad About the Government Giving Them $182.3 Billion in Taxpayer MoneyWhat’s the big deal?
  37. Edward Liddy Curls His Toes When He Is Upset or AngryA tip on staying cool from the former CEO of AIG.
  38. A.I.G. Will Pay $100 Million In Bonuses TodayAnd those are the ones who agreed to a pay cut.
  39. Hank Paulson’s Valley of the Dolls MomentAt one point during the early bailout negotiations, the former Treasury secretary nearly turned to drugs.
  40. How to Feel About Treasury Secretary Tim GeithnerSigh.
  41. SIGTARP’s Neil Barofsky Is Way More Badass Than We RealizedHe still has the knife from a foiled attempt on his life in a field outside Bogotá.”
  42. the geithnerator
    Angry Lawmakers Want to Bring Tim Geithner to Justice“It is past time for this Committee to hold Secretary Geithner accountable for his decisions that have affected the lives of millions of Americans.”
  43. Geithner’s New York Fed Tried to Cover Up AIG PayoutsNot really “cover up.” Just make it a “less transparent event.”
  44. love this guy
    Which ‘Part of His Anatomy’ Did AIG CEO Robert Benmosche Claim Was Bigger Than the Government’s?The ‘Journal’ is too shy to tell us what part he was referring to, so we have to guess!
  45. the bonus buster
    AIG Execs Still Haven’t Returned Their BonusesSomebody call the Bonus Buster.
  46. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    If the AIG Thing Doesn’t Work Out, Robert Benmosche Has a Backup PlanThe CEO is a “budding winemaker.”
  47. Spitzer in the Times: Show Us AIG E-mailsMaybe he should release his e-mails, too.
  48. Robert Benmosche’s Heart Bleeds for Top AIG Employees Who Have Lost MillionsAfter a series of cockups, the AIG CEO tries to clear a few things up.
  49. Kenneth Feinberg Backs Down on AIG PayThe special master for compensation lifts the compensation restrictions on “some” (whiny) employees.
  50. Bailed-Out AIG Employees Consider Bailing Out of CompanyInformed that their golden parachutes might soon expire, five executives threaten to leap.
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