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  1. donald trump
    Trump’s Claim That Democrats Are an ‘Anti-Jewish Party’ Is AbsurdHis reaction to the Ilhan Omar controversy ignores a century of strongly pro-Democratic Jewish sentiment, which continues today.
  2. ilhan omar
    The Christian Right, Not AIPAC, Drives the GOP’s Pro-Israel StanceWhether or not Ilhan Omar’s claim of vast AIPAC power has anything to do with anti-Semitism, it’s just not accurate, and helps her enemies.
  3. Donald Trump Gives Kosher Speech to AIPAC ConferenceTrump assumes the role of very serious Israel supporter at AIPAC’s annual confab. But it probably won’t solve his problem with Jewish voters.
  4. early and often
    Sheldon Adelson Is Ready to Buy the PresidencyHe just hasn’t decided which Republican candidate to back. Care to make a pitch?