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    Flight Attendants Are Ready to Protest Over Frontier’s Low PayAfter fighting to end the shutdown, flight attendants are taking on another kind of wage insecurity, which they say makes a vital job more difficult.
  2. transportation
    After 2 Deadly Crashes, Is It Safe to Fly on a 737 Max?Many nations grounded the 737 Max after Sunday’s Ethiopian Airlines crash, but the FAA says it’s safe. Should U.S. travelers relax or switch flights?
  3. government shutdown
    Airports in Northeast Hit With Delays Over Shutdown-Related Staffing IssuesThe FAA attributed the temporary halt of flights at LaGuardia and delays in Newark, Philadelphia, and D.C. to a shortage of air traffic controllers.
  4. government shutdown
    The Government Shutdown Is Making Airports Even More HellishTravelers are seeing long security lines, and some TSA workers, who typically make very little, are struggling to pay their bills.
  5. holiday travel
    Chrissy Teigen Was Mysteriously Stuck on Flight to NowhereAnd not happy about it, according to her Twitter.
  6. Power Restored to Atlanta Airport After Debilitating 11-Hour OutageThousands of passengers were stranded in terminals and on planes stuck on the tarmac.
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    Woman Says Flight Attendants Did Nothing to Protect Her From Masturbating ManAmerican Airlines apologized for its “disappointing service.”
  8. air travel
    Migos Reportedly Kicked Off Delta Flight Due to Racial ProfilingIt all started with a carry-on bag.
  9. United Flight Delayed After Scorpion Emerges From Sleeping Man’s ShirtIt’s the second time a scorpion has terrorized a United flight in the past month.
  10. United Airlines Faces Another PR Disaster After Giant Rabbit Dies on Flight“Something very strange has happened and I want to know what.”
  11. United Employees Can No Longer Displace Boarded PassengersIt’s one of the most obviously needed corporate policy changes in history, but the damage to the company may already be done.
  12. U.S. Places New Restrictions on Air Travelers From 8 Muslim-Majority CountriesU.S.-bound passengers from eight nations in the Middle East are no longer allowed to carry laptops on flights.
  13. Muhammad Ali Jr. Says He Was Detained at Airport AgainHe was on the way home from speaking to U.S. lawmakers about his first detention in which he was allegedly asked about his name and religion.
  14. resistance
    The Attorneys Fighting Trump’s Immigration Ban at Airports Around the CountryWomen are taking the lead in the fight against Trump.
  15. international affairs
    Richard Marx Helped Stop a Passenger Attack on a Korean Air Flight“Passenger next to us attacked passengers and crew. Crew completely ill trained.”
  16. psa
    Parents on Planes Don’t Owe You a BribeGrow up.
  17. Fake Bomb Forces Air France Flight to Make an Emergency Landing in KenyaFour passengers have been arrested as a result of the hoax.
  18. A Comprehensive Collection of Comedians Tweeting About Their FlightsFasten your seat belts, turn off all electronic devices, and get ready for a lot of turbulence.
  19. Passengers Stuck on Nightmare Plane for 28 HoursPassengers on an Etihad Airways flight were stranded on the tarmac for 12 hours.
  20. Survey Confirms That Airplane Travel Is the Worst The poll identified the most hated air travel faux pas. 
  21. Hawaii Man Allegedly Assaults Woman in Plane BathroomHe was arrested when the flight returned to Honolulu. 
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    Soon We’ll Be Able to Fly With All Our Beauty ProductsNo liquid is too much liquid!
  23. La Guardia, Before and After: The NYC Airport Most in Need of a MakeoverPlans for an overhaul versus photos of the current mold.
  24. Cuomo Knows the Airports Are TerribleHe’s taking over renovation of JFK and La Guardia.
  25. Huge Plane Accidentally Lands at Tiny Kansas Airport, Is Too Big to LeaveWelcome to Kansas — forever.
  26. Blind Man and Guide Dog Kicked Off Flight; Other Passengers RevoltA heartwarming insurrection.
  27. You Still Can’t Use Your Cell Phone on an Airplane, Thank GodBut the FAA has expanded use of most other electronics.
  28. parenting
    Airline Offers Magical ‘Flying Nannies’Trained in child psychology, origami, and magic.
  29. parenting
    Another Airplane Adds Child-Free Section$14 to avoid crying babies.
  30. Flight Attendant Denies Smuggling Rats Aboard PlaneWe want to believe her.
  31. FAA Says You May Never Have to Turn Off Your Electronics AgainFlight rules will likely be loosened.
  32. Senate Passes FAA Furlough-Aversion BillBorrows from airport improvement funds to keep air-traffic controllers at work.
  33. TSA Isn’t Giving Sequester-Afflicted Travelers a BreakYou still can’t bring knives on planes.
  34. Just Never Say ‘Bomb’ in an Airport It’s always more trouble than it’s worth.
  35. weighty issues
    Pricing Flights on the Pay-by-Weight AirlineKate Moss at her skinniest: $41.50.
  36. Duct Tape Restrained Drunk Icelandair PassengerThe photo says it all.
  37. Ann Romney’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Electrical FireEveryone is okay.
  38. the worst form of travel
    Bar Refaeli Got Groped by a Lady at the AirportAnd lived to tweet about it.
  39. NYC-to-Vegas Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Texas [Updated]Flight captain starts screaming, “Say your prayers, say your prayers!”
  40. Google Should Have Double-Checked Some Things Before Launching Its New Flight SearchThey seem to have used airport data from the eighties.
  41. terror begins at home
    Long Island Woman’s Bomb Threat Was Motivated by LoveAnd fear. (And maybe some craziness.)
  42. Janet Napolitano: Pretty Soon You Should Be Able to Leave Your Shoes on Through Airport SecurityRemember dignity?
  43. Public Plane Peeing Trend Gets Celebrity Cameo Earlier Than ExpectedAnd what a celebrity it is! Gérard Depardieu!
  44. Update: Child Who Got Peed On in Plane Never Got Peed onThere was pee, though.
  45. Peeing JetBlue Passenger Was American Olympic HopefulThe operative word being: “was.”
  46. Somebody Peed on a Child in an AirplaneAs if bringing a child on a plane wasn’t hard enough.
  47. Larceny Up 30 Percent at JFK This YearAnother reason to love the airport.
  48. Terrifying Turtle Stampede Delays Flights at JFKThis again?
  49. People Went Crazy on Airplanes YesterdayPlease stop doing that.
  50. Continental Passengers Subdue Crazed Man Who Tries to Open Door Mid-FlightRemember this the next time a flight attendant asks you if you are able to assist in the exit row.
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