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Al Green

  1. mueller time
    If Impeachment Depended on Mueller, It’s Not HappeningSome Democrats already thought there was sufficient evidence to impeach Trump, but Mueller’s testimony did nothing to add momentum to the cause.
  2. impeachment
    If Democrats Are Going to Impeach Trump, They Should Impeach Him for His BigotryAl Green offered Democrats a chance to make it clear Trump’s racism isn’t acceptable. They turned it down.
  3. aretha franklin
    How Aretha Franklin Ended Up Singing the A Different World Theme Song“Everyone had to admit that once she sang it, it didn’t need to be sung again.”
  4. right-click
    Disclosure Just Dropped a New EP, Because What’s Summer Without Disclosure?Hear the three new songs now, including one sampling Al Green!
  5. clickables
    Watch President Obama Sing Al GreenAmerican Presidential Idol, anyone?
  6. presidentsoul
    Obama to America: ‘Let’s Stay Together’Live at the Apollo!
  7. Radio Craves
    Rick Bayless Plays DJ at KCRW“Pink Martini is a lot like I am – they can sort of do anything,” the chef boasts.
  8. chest-off
    15 Greatest Man Chests in MusicIn baring his Christian nipples, Stapp carries on a long tradition in music.
  9. festivals
    Bonnaroo 2009: Bruce Springsteen Goes Phish-ing While Trent Reznor Says Good-byeWhat a weekend!
  10. the elderly
    Which Old People Will Be Nominated for Grammys Tomorrow?Do any young artists stand a chance this year? Sadly, no.
  11. quote machine
    Ne-Yo Probably Not Reading Your BlogPlus: Mickey Rourke learns a very important lesson.
  12. last night's gig
    Al Green Makes Carnegie Hall His Love ChurchAl Green wrapped up an aside referencing someone who once “literally sang his pants off.”
  13. new york fugging city
    Fugs at the BET Awards: Where the Ceremony Gets in the Way of the PartyWe’re experts at watching awards shows in our sweatpants, but actually attending in our dresses is another story.
  14. right-click
    Beck Is Just Terrible at SurprisesPlus: New music from Weezer and Nas!
  15. quote machine
    Al Green Single-handedly Responsible for OverpopulationPlus: Neil Young becomes Ed Begley Jr., and Ben Gibbard picks a fight with Bob Seger!
  16. right-click
    Al Green Proves Us WrongPlus: New music from Kelis and Moron Says What.
  17. right-click
    Al Green Makes a Triumphant ReturnPlus MP3s from Laura Gibson and Panda Bear.