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  1. The Fake News That Provoked a Crisis in the Middle EastWe now know the U.A.E. hacked Qatar’s news service and planted false information, ratcheting up regional tensions. What now?
  2. 3 Al Jazeera Journalists Convicted in EgyptAmnesty International calls the trial a sham.
  3. seeing out loud
    Jerry Saltz on New York Graffiti Artists, Banksy, and Al Jazeera Fear“People like Banksy because other people have liked Banksy.”
  4. Al Jazeera America’s First Day Ends With Lawsuit Against AT&T.
  5. Are Al Jazeera America Executives Underestimating Americans?At least one reporter thinks so.
  6. Al Gore Sued Over Current TV Sale Flip-FlopAccording to the suit, he didn’t want to sell to Qatar’s Al Jazeera at first.
  7. Sarah Palin Not Joining Al Jazeera Just YetA report she was going to Al Jazeera was satire.
  8. Jon Stewart Slams Fox News’s Hypocrisy Over Gore’s Al Jazeera DealGuess what Al Gore and Rupert Murdoch have in common.
  9. cable news news
    Eliot Spitzer Quits Unwatched Current TV ShowNow we kind of wish that we’d tuned in when we had the chance.
  10. Al Jazeera to Put Current TV Out of Its MiseryThe Qatar-based network is close to buying Al Gore’s low-rated channel.
  11. Al Jazeera’s Top News Director ResignsA WikiLeaks cable shows Wadah Khanfar’s coverage was influenced by pressure from the U.S.
  12. Al Jazeera to Begin Airing on New York City Cable ChannelWe WILL get on in the U.S.”
  13. Armed Western Men Spotted Hanging Out in LibyaBritish guys, probably.
  14. Al Jazeera’s Handy Twitter Dashboard to Keep Track of the RevolutionsMaybe you hadn’t heard, but there are a lot of them.
  15. Hillary Clinton Has a Crush on Al JazeeraHillary and Al Jazeera sitting in a tree!
  16. Hosni Mubarak May Be Stepping Down [Updated]Omar Suleiman is expected to take over.
  17. Egyptian Leaders Discussing Ways to Ease Mubarak Out of Power [Updated]And the Committee of the Wise now exists.
  18. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: Egypt Updates, Shazam-ing TV Shows, and Muppet iPad CasesPlus: a piece of plastic to make your life more cluttered, a table that plays music, and more.
  19. Are We Going to See Reporters On-Camera in Egypt After This?It’s getting seriously dangerous in Cairo for foreign reporters.
  20. Egyptian Opposition Leader Calls for Mubarak’s Exit; Hillary Clinton Calls for ‘Orderly Transition’ [Updated]And looters have ripped the heads off of mummies.
  21. Egypt’s Mubarak Defies Calls to ResignCan the president hold on?
  22. Egypt Turns Off the Internet As Al Jazeera–Fueled Protests Rage [Updated]With Twitter down in Egypt, this is Al Jazeera’s moment.
  23. Palestine Papers: Al Jazeera’s Secret Documents on Concessions to IsraelThis does not look good for Palestine.
  24. After Threatening U.S. in Al Jazeera Interview, Assange Denies Similarity to Osama Bin LadenIf I am forced, we could go to the extreme and expose each and every file that we have access to.”