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Fair Share Tax Reform Gaining Momentum

State Senate Democrats plan to introduce a bill today to raise income taxes to 10.3 percent on households making over $250,000.

By Chris Rovzar

Joe Bruno Indicted

The former State Senate majority leader is in for a world of hurt.

By Jessica Coen

Is It Time for a Tom Suozzi Comeback?

The Washington 'Post' picks him as the odds-on favorite to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate. It's time for a walk down memory lane...

By Chris Rovzar

Paterson’s Magic Carpet Ride

Smack in the middle of the state budget crisis, the guv dropped almost $40K on Turkish rugs. But maybe that's okay?

By Jessica Coen

State GOP Tries to Outmaneuver Paterson

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos tries to kill Paterson's budget cuts with an early vote, leaving the governor scrambling.

By Chris Rovzar