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Saying Goodbye to ‘@midnight’ with Co-Creator Alex Blagg

Two weeks ago, @midnight host Chris Hardwick announced that the show would be ending its run tonight after airing its 600th episode. Since its inception in 2013, @midnight has won folks over with its style of having of having comedians take [...]

By John Hugar

Alex Blagg Wants You to Get in on the Ground Floor of Plungr

Some people say there's a new tech bubble quickly inflating, what with the wild valuations of Groupon, Color, Facebook and other web-based companies. But not Alex Blagg. The founder of consulting firm/strat warehouse BajillionHits.biz sees [...]

By Adam Frucci

New York Times: The Final Edition Hot Off The Internet Presses

Given the ever-hastening collapse of print media (or so the tubes of the Interweb have been whispering to me), some of the spoofs in Tony Hendra's New York Times Final Edition parody are unsettlingly plausible. Luckily the Spinal Tap star is [...]

By Halle Kiefer

The Comedy Consultant: 8 Ideas For Your Unique Comedy Brand

Like everything else in our hyper-connected multi-platform macro-digital age, comedy has become increasingly fragmented. Whereas once comedians could be easily placed into three very broad categories -- “Men”, “Women”, or “Black People” -- and [...]

By Alex Blagg