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  1. last night on late night
    Here’s How A-Rod Proposed to Jennifer Lopez In Case You Wanted to Know All ThatThe real hero is the assistant.
  2. culture
    A-Rod is Accused of Cheating on J.Lo AgainAlex Rodriguez is once again being accused of cheating on Jennifer Lopez.
  3. power couples
    The Obamas Have Blessed Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s UnionLook at this handwritten note!
  4. engagements
    The Obamas Have Blessed Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s UnionThe former president sent the couple a handwritten note.
  5. what?
    Jose Canseco Accuses A-Rod of Cheating on Jennifer Lopez With His Ex-WifeSomeone tag Ellen into this.
  6. what?
    Jose Canseco Accuses A-Rod of Cheating on Jennifer Lopez With His Ex-WifeSomeone tag Ellen into this.
  7. bling
    Dang, Look at the Size of the Engagement Ring A-Rod Got Jennifer Lopez!“J-Rod” is about to become a legally binding couple name.
  8. ouch
    This Baseball Star Wasn’t Smart Enough to Date Tech CEOAccording to her mom.
  9. modern love
    This Is the Text That Seduced J.LoMaybe you’ve heard this one before.
  10. your mornings
    Alex Rodriguez Joins ABC News As Their Latest ContributorEnjoy your first cup of coffee with A-Rod. Or your last glass of night wine. Or possibly both.
  11. celebrity couples
    Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Kicked It on InstagramThey are officially exclusive.
  12. celebrity couples
    Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Attended a Business Meeting TogetherTaking the relationship to another level.
  13. celebrity couples
    Alex Rodriguez Has Really Nice Things to Say About Jennifer Lopez“She’s an amazing, amazing girl.”
  14. celebrity couples
    Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Enjoy Working Out Together Across the CountryThis time, they hit the gym in Los Angeles.
  15. instagram love
    Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Sister Are Pals NowThere are Instagram pictures to prove it.
  16. hitting the gym
    Jennifer Lopez Is — Gasp — Working Out With Alex RodriguezBecause the couple that works out together, stays together.
  17. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Spotted in the BahamasVacation: All we ever wanted.
  18. dating rumors
    J. Lo and A-Rod Are Reportedly DatingThis comes shortly after Rodriguez dated tech CEO Anne Wojcicki.
  19. 2016's most fabulous couple
    Silicon Valley CEO Debuts Her Trophy BoyfriendThe year’s most fabulous couple steps out for the first time.
  20. man candy
    Billionaire Tech Entrepreneur Selects Handsome Trophy BoyfriendTrophy boyfriends FTW!
  21. Alex Rodriguez Will Embark on a Two-Season-Long Retirement TourTake that, Jeter!
  22. ya burnt
    Even in Death, Grandma Will Not Stop Burning Alex RodriguezNever stop sassing.
  23. A-Rod’s Lawyer Declares Victory: ‘He Didn’t Get Indicted’But even after avoiding a ban and perjury charges, he’s still fighting for his career.
  24. sports
    You Probably Shouldn’t Try A-Rod’s Method for Beating a Drug TestUsing only mid-stream urine won’t help, experts say.
  25. Alex Rodriguez Admitted PED Use to the DEANot that anyone really thought he was innocent anyway.
  26. A-Rod in Exile: He Wants to Be a Business StarFriends say he’s become a “deal junky.”
  27. Alex Rodriguez Gives Up, Accepts SuspensionThe Yankees third baseman has withdrawn his lawsuit against MLB.
  28. Did Alex Rodriguez Really Try to Pay a $49,901.51 Bribe to Tony Bosch?60 Minutes aired the claim, but documents obtained by New York cast doubt on it.
  29. Fat A-Rod Is the New Fat JeterAlex Rodriguez looks a bit different in a new photo.
  30. Alex Rodriguez Sues Baseball to Un-Suspend HimNot very likely.
  31. With 2014 Suspension, A-Rod Joins ArmstrongBud Selig gets his man.
  32. A-Rod Suspended for 2014 SeasonThe longest doping suspension in MLB history.
  33. Detroit Newscast Uses Photo of Alex Rodriguez for Nelson MandelaAnd yes, it looked ridiculous. 
  34. Alex Rodriguez Is ‘Like the Marathon Bombers’The inevitable apology came quickly.
  35. A-Rod Storms Out of Appeals Hearing, Rips Bud Selig on WFANIt’s been a busy day.
  36. A-Rod Reportedly Had Three-Ways With ProstitutesThat is all. 
  37. Alex Rodriguez’s Juicy Lawsuit Against MLBHe’s seeking unspecified damages for having his reputation destroyed.
  38. What Other Numbers Might the Yankees Be Retiring in the Near Future?Definitely Jeter. Maybe Posada. Not A-Rod.
  39. Brooklyn’s ‘A-Rod Grocery’ Changing Name to Something Less Steroid-ySome customers are boiling mad.”
  40. A-Rod Drilled by Pitch in Boston, Then Homers Two At-Bats LaterOne of the best Yankees–Red Sox games in recent memory.
  41. Did Alex Rodriguez Snitch on Other Players?CBS says he did.
  42. A-Rod Juices Up Legal Team With High-Powered Private Eyes Who Worked for DSKCan’t hurt …
  43. On the Perception of a Yankees PED CultureThere are a few names familiar to Yankees fans on today’s list of suspended players.
  44. 15 Hilarious Quotes From 2009 A-Rod InterviewThe most important thing for me in my career is to be honest and forthright.”
  45. A-Rod Suspended Through 2014, Can Play While He AppealsSelig finally had someone he could make an example of in order to create his defining moment of the Steroid Era.
  46. Monday Promises to Be a Big Day for A-RodHe’ll get suspended, and play for the first time in six months.
  47. A-Rod and Brian Cashman Now Communicating Via Press ReleaseCashman also spoke to reporters and said A-Rod wouldn’t be back before August.
  48. Doctor: A-Rod’s Quad Is Just FineMeanwhile, the Yankees are reportedly looking into whether A-Rod violated the CBA by getting a second opinion.
  49. Why Ryan Braun’s Suspension Is Bad News for A-RodMajor League Baseball is going after its white whales.
  50. Keeping Track of All of Today’s A-Rod ReportsInsurance shenanigans abound!
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