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Selena Roberts on the Offensive

The sportswriter comes face-to-face with the backlash against her controversial book on A-Rod.

By Jessica Pressler

Just in Time! More A-Rod Revelations

A-Rod used steroids while with the Yankees. And in high school. Also, he's into something called "pitch-tipping."

By Will Leitch

A-Rod Injury FAQ: What Does It All Mean?

The revelation late yesterday that his hip cyst was actually hiding a torn labrum put his season, and perhaps his whole career, in jeopardy.

By Will Leitch

Jennifer Lopez Does Not Know the Meaning of ‘Borrowed’

The singer made off with $50,000 in diamonds loaned to her for an event. Also in today's gossip: John Mayer accidentally moved in next door to Denise Richards, and Dan Abrams and Renée Zellweger were spotted canoodling (ick).

By Katie Goldsmith