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  1. explosions in the sky
    Alien Lights Over Brooklyn Were Not Extraterrestrial, Says FDNYIt was a transformer explosion.
  2. aliens
    Watch ‘Aliens: the Musical’Curtains up!
  3. vulture scavenger
    44 Things You Probably Don’t Know About the Alien FilmsTo kick off a new feature called “Vulture Scavenger,” we waded through all four films, their commentary tracks, and the books and articles that have been written about the series.
  4. prometheus
    All Four Alien Movie Opening SequencesIt’s a Ridley Scott weekend!
  5. Josh Brolin Will Host SNL on April 14 With GotyeJosh Brolin will invade Studio 8H on April 14 with musical guest Gotye. It’s still a month away, but SNL’s costume designers have no doubt […]
  6. clickables
    Watch New Prometheus TrailerRidley Scott’s Aliens prequel, starring Dragon Tattoo’s Noomi Rapace.
  7. photo op
    New Evidence on White House Contact With AliensThere’s a picture.
  8. space
    Shockingly, White House Declines to Reveal Relationship With AliensThe petition signers are going to be very disappointed.
  9. So, Neighborhood Watch Is Gonna Have Aliens, I GuessThe newest addition to Akiva Schaffer’s comedy with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill is…the eyes-on-his-hands dude from Pan’s […]
  10. it's science
    Russian Scientist Expects Aliens to Look Exactly Like HumansWhat a crazy imagination!
  11. clickables
    Watch a Super-Cut of Every Line Said by Bill Paxton in AliensA tour de force performance.
  12. williamsburg
    The Aliens Want the Hipsters of WilliamsburgWait, I thought you said they were “intelligent forms of life?” Zing!
  13. space think about it
    Scientists Say There Are Millions of Theoretically Inhabitable Planets in Our GalaxyAn informal census has been conducted.
  14. clickables
    Learn All About the Battle: Los Angeles AliensBiology!
  15. clickables
    Watch the Gawd Bless America Trailer, Starring the Nation’s Alien BelieversOpen your hearts and believe.
  16. weird science
    Did Life on Earth Start With a Zombie Virus From Outer Space?Necropanspermia explains it all.
  17. skyline
    Skyline 2 Ready to Go, Unless Skyline FlopsIf the film makes a tenth of what a normal event movie does, it’ll likely see a second part.
  18. close encounters of the blurred kind
    You Know Who Is Really Into Spying on Our Nuclear Power Plants? ALIENSSomething must be done!
  19. ambassadors
    Mazlan Othman Named Ambassador to Theoretical Extraterrestrials“The continued search for extraterrestrial communication sustains hope that someday humankind will receive signals from extraterrestrials.”
  20. vulture odds
    Why All the Alien Invasion Movies? Pick a Theory!Potential Theory No. 4: Vampire fatigue.
  21. aliens
    Damon Lindelof to Maybe Write an Alien PrequelOr maybe not!
  22. aliens
    Paramount Bullish on Cheap, Top-Secret Alien MoviesParamount just snapped a spec script for something called ‘Confidential Alien Project.’
  23. aliens
    Did James Frey Give an Interview As an Alien?Looks like it.
  24. tv
    Dan Aykroyd Rants About Aliens and UFOs on Larry KingDan! Listen to yourself!
  25. aliens
    James Cameron Convinces NASA to Shoot Footage for HimWell, not exactly for him.
  26. Ridley Scott’s Alien Prequel Will Star a WomanThere will be aliens, but they might look different.
  27. trailer mix
    Predators Trailer: In Space, No One Can Hear You Rip Off AliensIt doesn’t look half-bad! But we liked ‘Aliens.’
  28. vulture lists
    10 Movie Planets We’re Glad We Don’t Live OnAnthea! LV-426! Spengo!
  29. mouse-eating lizard people
    ABC Tries to Stoke Interest in V With Nine-Minute Preview ClipChristian groups probably won’t be happy to learn that a statue of Jesus gets shattered into a thousand pieces during the show’s first four minutes.
  30. What Not to Eat
    Chipstix Continues to Fascinate and DisturbThere’s something really off about these fried potatoes on a stick.
  31. quote machine
    Joss Whedon Has No Plans to Fall for His Leading Lady, Eliza DushkuPlus: Henry Rollins has some out-of-the-box thoughts on how to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  32. firsts
    The Country’s First Comic-Book Archive, Courtesy of Portland State and Dark HorseIt’s a dream archive from the third-largest comics publisher, with everything from ‘Hellboy’ to ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Akira.’
  33. bons mots
    Christie Brinkley Always Looks on the Bright SideA month after her divorce trial, the ex-model continues to torment us with her strange, platitude-driven language.
  34. trailer mix
    ‘Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem’ Trailer: In the Theater, No One Can Hear You PukeYou’re all going to die — gruesomely! No, seriously, it’s gonna be really gross.