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Allen West

  1. Georgia’s Election on Track to Become Most Expensive House Race EverThe candidates have spent $14 million so far and heavy punches aren’t even being thrown yet.
  2. Allen West Compares Himself to Abraham LincolnThey do have at least one thing in common.
  3. Allen West Will Not Admit That He Lost The Florida congressman is going to keep being crazy right until the bitter end. 
  4. Allen West Has (Almost) Been Defeated, Because CommunistsHe’s losing by about 2,500 votes in Florida.
  5. Allen West Names Names: Woodrow Wilson Was a CommunistWhoa!
  6. In Context, Allen West’s Communist Remark Still Doesn’t Make Any SenseHere’s what he was talking about.
  7. Why Allen West Will Never Be Romney’s V.P.Or, “Why Allen West Will Never Be Anybody’s V.P.”
  8. Congressman Allen West Says Democrats Have Nazi-Level Propaganda SkillsOh, Allen. You sure like stirring up trouble.
  9. Allen West Sometimes Forgets He’s Not in the Army AnymoreWest explains his crazy e-mail rant, but won’t apologize for it.
  10. Insane Florida Congressman Allen West Wildly Overreacts to CriticismSomeone has anger issues.
  11. Radio Talk-Show Host Who Says Crazy Things Will Not Be a Congressional Chief of StaffJoyce Kaufman, of “if ballots don’t work, bullets will” fame, chooses to stay in Florida.
  12. Diversity Coming to the Congressional Black CaucusTwo black Republicans are welcome to join, the chairwoman says.
  13. The Midterm Snapshot: October 11A look at what’s happening in the race for Congress right now.
  14. What’s With All the Emasculating Campaign Rhetoric?Cojones, man pants … the list goes on.
  15. House Republican Caucus Not Going to Get a Whole Lot Blacker Next YearHow many black Republicans will join Congress? One, maybe two, possibly three.