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  1. winter olympics 2018
    Adam Rippon Won’t Be Working As an NBC Olympic Correspondent After AllHe’d have to give up his competitor credentials and move out of the Olympic Village, and who wants that?
  2. america's sweetheart
    Don Jr. Shows Support for Team USA by Attacking Adam RipponAs the president’s son, it’s his duty to defend the vice-president against criticism from our Olympians.
  3. Sarah Palin to Grace Daytime TV With Judge Judy–Style Reality ShowIt’s always good to have a back-up plan.
  4. Sarah Palin to Trump Backers: Establishment Can’t Tell Us We’re Not ‘Red Enough’When you get past the incoherent clichés, her speech expertly articulated the anger of voters who feel the GOP doesn’t respect them.
  5. Sarah Palin Plays Tina Fey in 30 Rock SpoofFour years later, she’s come up with her retort.
  6. Sarah Palin Starts the Year With Dog-Stepping Fight It’s 2015 and she’s still here.
  7. Hear the Palin Family Describe Their Drunken BrawlOh f*cking hell no, no one’s gonna touch my sister,” Bristol explains.
  8. The Palin Family Just Wants to Clear Up a Few Things About That Party BrawlThey definitely don’t deny that it took place.
  9. The Palin Family Can’t Resist a Good Old-Fashioned House Party Fight Bristol has a strong right hook.
  10. america's sweetheart
    Reese Witherspoon Is (Still!) Our Best CelebrityJust watch her dance.
  11. america's sweetheart
    Freedomtastic GIFs of Sarah Palin’s New $99.95-a-Year Internet Video ChannelSubscribe now! (Or just check out these GIFs and get the idea.)
  12. Sarah Palin Still Parodying Herself Up in AlaskaShe blamed a recent speeding ticket on a Sammy Hagar song.
  13. Sarah Palin Mocks Liberal Hypocrisy on Hillary’s BrainApparently, she’s fine with the GOP questioning Clinton’s health.
  14. Palin: Grandchild May Make Hillary Pro-LifeOnce she realizes it’s “not some disposable something.”
  15. Palin: Waterboarding: How We Baptize TerroristsAnd other insane nonsense from the carnival barker.
  16. Sarah Palin Chats With Neighbor Vladimir Putin in Tonight Show SkitNow she’s just doing a Tina Fey impression.
  17. Sarah Palin Turning Her Facebook Presence Into Something Called Rogue TVSubscription online video for die-hard Palin fans.
  18. White Person Demands Obama Stop Playing ‘Race Card,’ Because MLK DayGuess who. (You’re right.)
  19. america's sweetheart
    Palin Never Read Duck Dynasty Star’s Gay RemarksThis seems like a slight oversight on her part. 
  20. Sarah Palin Fightin’ for Duck Dynasty HomophobeSaving America from the “intolerants.”
  21. Sarah Palin Has a New TV ShowIt’s for Real Americans only. 
  22. clubs
    Julia Roberts on Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Too Cool’Roberts side-eyes questions about who exactly is America’s Sweetheart. 
  23. Sarah Palin’s Old Car Selling on eBay for Nearly Five Times Its Blue Book ValueIt’s currently going for $10,100.
  24. cable news news
    MSNBC Host Sorry for Saying Disgusting Thing About Sarah Palin’s MouthMartin Bashir, not Alec Baldwin!
  25. Sarah Palin Explains Her Obamacare AlternativePatient-centered doctor-patient relationship links.”
  26. The Sarah Palin War-on-Christmas SoundboardListen to her rail against the liberal atheist heathens. 
  27. Sarah Palin Loves the Fainting-Woman Conspiracy TheoryWhether accurate or not, for some reason I found this hilarious!”
  28. Sarah Palin May Grudgingly Agree to Run for SenateOr just talk about it a lot.
  29. Palin Is ‘Loaded for Bear,’ 2014 CashAccording to SarahPAC’s latest ad.
  30. Sarah Palin Writing ‘Fun, Festive’ Book About the War on ChristmasJust in time for the holiday shopping season.
  31. Sarah Palin Was Paid $15.85 for Each Word She Uttered on Fox NewsMany of these words didn’t even make any sense.
  32. Sarah Palin Will Keep ‘Truth-Telling’ Without Fox NewsStill wants to “shake up the GOP machine.”
  33. People Are Still Donating to Sarah Palin’s PACDonations will soar when she unveils the Moose Stew Diet.
  34. Sarah Palin Is Writing a Long-Overdue Diet and Fitness BookTips for low-cal moose stew.
  35. Now Even Fox News Is Snubbing Sarah PalinMaybe it’s the new glasses?
  36. Palin Won’t Speak at Republican ConventionThis year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak.”
  37. Sarah Palin Did Not Wear Her Sarah Palin Glasses Last NightWhat is happening!?!?!
  38. Sarah Palin’s Weak Comeback to Dick CheneyAw.
  39. Bristol Palin Won’t Rule Out Run for OfficeDon’t drop that plan to move to Canada just yet.
  40. Driving to the TV Studio Is for PeonsTrue stars have in-house studios.
  41. John McCain Finds the Idea of Sarah Palin for Vice-President LaughableThis time around, anyway.
  42. Sarah Palin Seemed Pretty Close to Divorce in 2007New e-mails shed light on an important issue. 
  43. america's sweetheart
    Is This the Most Wrong Sarah Palin Has Ever Been?Brace yourselves.
  44. Nobody Wants to Air Reality Show About Sarah WhatsherfaceSarah Palin wants $1 million an episode for a show about snowmobiles.
  45. Sarah Palin Got Scolded by a Furious Roger AilesI paid her for two years to make this announcement on my network.”
  46. Frank Rich and Adam Moss Discuss the Short, Hot Political Career of Sarah PalinA hundred years from now, is anybody going to be teaching Sarah Palin in high school?
  47. Andrew Sullivan Continues to Be So Very Tortured by Sarah Palin’s ExistenceMeanwhile, we’re tortured by our obsession with his obsession.
  48. Post-Palin Traumatic SyndromeHow people are dealing with the news.
  49. Sarah Palin Is Not Running for President [Updated]Shocker.
  50. Sarah Palin Says She Didn’t Mean to Insult ‘Herb Cain’Or Herman Cain, even.
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