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American Airlines

  1. technology
    Some American Airlines Seats Have Built-in CamerasThe airline says they’ve never been used, so everything is fine.
  2. business
    American Airlines Wants to Be Nice But Doesn’t Know HowHow much are warm fuzzy feelings from customers worth? Perhaps not as much as American is spending to try to elicit them.
  3. health concerns
    Listeria Outbreak Forces American Airlines to Stop Food Service on Some FlightsIt’s reportedly “scrambling” to find a different catering company at LAX.
  4. drama
    Bride Sues American Airlines for $3.4 Million After Her Wedding Dress Was RuinedShe claims a flight attendant destroyed her wedding dress with red wine.
  5. war in the middle east
    U.S. and European Airlines to Stop Flying to Israel for NowThe FAA issued a warning after a rocket landed near the Tel Aviv airport.
  6. the internet
    Dutch Teen Arrested for American Airlines TweetsThe 14-year-old troll really is a teenage girl.
  7. air travel
    Flight Attendant Denies Smuggling Rats Aboard PlaneWe want to believe her.
  8. mergers
    American Airlines and US Airways Approve Merger, Forming World’s Largest AirlineThose who don’t like it are free to take Greyhound.
  9. scary things
    American Airlines Seats Come Loose Mid-Flight (Again)The FAA is looking into the troubled company after its second mishap in three days.
  10. big business
    The Slow Death: American Airlines, HP, and Corporate DeclineIt’s not pretty on the way down.
  11. the twilight zoe
    American Airlines Reportedly Lost Rachel Zoe’s LuggageFilled with Missoni and Gucci.
  12. Alec Baldwin’s iPhone Game May Have Irreversibly Altered the Future of […]Alec Baldwin’s absolute refusal to stop playing Words With Friends AT ANY COST may have actually gotten 30 Rock removed from American Airlines […]
  13. Getting Kicked Off a Plane Taught Alec Baldwin a Lesson, Sort of, PossiblyOh, Alec. First you get kicked off a plane for playing Words With Friends, then you delete your Twitter, and now you write an apology to the […]
  14. bankruptcy
    American Airlines Files for BankruptcyEveryone was doing it.
  15. animanhattan
    Cat Lost by American Airlines Found Alive at JFKAfter two months.
  16. loose threads
    American Airlines Lost Miranda Kerr’s Wedding Dress; Barneys Is Overhauling Its Co-op StoresPlus, Harriet Mays Powell launched a new fashion website.
  17. scares
    NYC-Bound Flight Grounded After ‘Non-Credible’ ThreatCouple removed from plane for unknown reasons.
  18. photo op
    Hundreds of Bags Getting Left Behind at JFK TodayThousands of passengers were delayed and hundreds of bags were left behind today because of a computer error at the New York airport.
  19. in other news
    Angry New Yorkers Scare Crew Off American Airlines FlightA bunch of angry, delayed New Yorkers did not take a senseless flight delay sitting down, with their seat belts securely fastened.