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American Idol: the Incident

So sure were we yesterday that Kris Allen would be voted off this week that we Photoshopped him into a coffin. Oops!

By Lane Brown

Charts Prove American Idol Is Fixed

It's nothing we didn't already know, but it's certainly nice to have our suspicions confirmed by colorful charts.

By Lane Brown

American Idol: Time to Stop Watching!

Even after all the other awful things that happened on last night's 'American Idol,' Allison Iraheta's premature elimination was still a bummer.

By Lane Brown

Paula Abdul: Cheap!

Though Simon Cowell pulls down a hilarious $36 million per season of 'American Idol,' Paula Abdul squeaks by on a meager salary of $2 million.

By Lane Brown

Who Will Tell Paula Abdul She’s in Brüno?

Paula Abdul is interviewed in the movie, though she genuinely thought she was being questioned for a real documentary by an authentic gay Austrian fashionista.

By Lane Brown

American Idol: Swing and a Miss

Apart from a couple of performances, last night's episode was easily the most boring, skippable one of the season so far.

By Lane Brown