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Amy Chua

  1. power
    The ‘Tiger Mom’ and the Lie of MeritocracyAmy Chua created a brand preaching the values of hard work, but her daughter’s success points to something else.
  2. sexism
    Professor Reportedly Told Students Kavanaugh Would Only Hire ‘Model-Like’ WomenYale professor Amy Chua would apparently tell students it was “no accident” that all Kavanaugh’s female clerks “look like models.”
  3. the national interest
    Trump’s Opponents Are Not a Rich Liberal EliteA provocative but wrong New York Times op-ed by Amy Chua calls coastal liberals a “market-dominated minority.”
  4. identities
    25 Famous Women on Their Immigrant RootsStories from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ali Wong, Toni Morrison, and more.
  5. perfect 10
    Living With the Aftershocks of a Tiger MomHer criticism and striving reverberate through my life on a daily basis, even though I broke free.
  6. follow-ups
    Tiger Mom Strives to Shock a Second Time, FailsAmy Chua’s new book lacks the unhinged energy of its predecessor.
  7. tiger mothers
    Tiger Mother May Be Made Into MovieScarring Chinese children from the big screen, too.
  8. parenting
    Chinese ‘Tiger Mom’ Not a Monster, After AllShe’s back.
  9. parenting
    Woman Argues That Shaming Children Is ‘Superior’ ParentingAnd that most Chinese mothers do these things.